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    Join us for a week dedicated to gorgeous timepieces where you can save up to 40% from 9pm on Sunday 12th November.

    Join Ideal World this week, where we will be sharing some of our most popular brands at unbelievable prices. From our old favourites Vostok Europe to newer brands such as Karen Millen and Timberland, there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

    Ideal World will be hosting a variety of shows throughout the week, offering limited editions, gifts with purchases and even UK and World exclusives.....


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    • Bigbean's Avatar
      Today, 06:51 PM
      The it's so boring reference sums up the weekly shop for me so I had to reply and agree! I hate food shopping, am not that keen on cooking or to be...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • SusieJ's Avatar
      Today, 06:41 PM
      No, I don't make a list either. I know by now what I need and it's so easy to stock up with essentials and also to pop in to buy anything I've...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • The Gin Queen's Avatar
      Today, 06:34 PM
      Ah, the joys is doing an online supermarket shop means I wander around the house poking about in cupboards to see what I need and a lovely person...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • ERICS MUM's Avatar
      Today, 06:08 PM
      Next will be his uncle Gary - the black sheep of the family.
      4 replies | 376 view(s)
    • maymorganlondon's Avatar
      Today, 05:58 PM
      Good luck!!!
      31 replies | 5395 view(s)
    • The Gin Queen's Avatar
      Today, 05:43 PM
      Hiya - apologies for being rubbish on using this forum, but i full intend to stay up until 12am, constantly check their FB page, call up Q until I...
      31 replies | 5395 view(s)
      Today, 05:42 PM
      SUPERCOOLWILLOW replied to a thread New Beauty Items in QVC
      The Organic Pharmacy The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser with Cloth
      3133 replies | 915350 view(s)
    • Silver Fox's Avatar
      Today, 05:39 PM
      Silver Fox replied to a thread B&W in QVC
      Hasn't the B&W shop in South Molton Street closed now leaving just the Fulham Rd. one?
      7 replies | 498 view(s)
    • Bea Frugal's Avatar
      Today, 05:36 PM
      Bea Frugal replied to a thread Jill Franks in QVC
      Just when you think it's safe to watch because the night shift is still hiding from the daylight, up she pops pushing the tsv from the midnight show...
      11 replies | 1438 view(s)
    • maymorganlondon's Avatar
      Today, 05:34 PM
      I wonder how long before someone (probably Debbie) tries a coy allusion or ten to connections which cannot be spelled out? Given how they bust a...
      4 replies | 376 view(s)
    • donna255's Avatar
      Today, 05:33 PM
      I don't actually make a list but know what I want before I hit the supermarket.
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • Mazza's Avatar
      Today, 05:32 PM
      I always make a list, and the shop is just for me! I would never remember the household items or would end up with a mountain of one thing whilst...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • maymorganlondon's Avatar
      Today, 05:25 PM
      maymorganlondon replied to a thread Decleor TSV 19/11/17 in QVC
      Decided to use 20% off at M&S, Sparks promotion. All the bargains would have duplicated items I already have at least one of. Yes, the TSV has the...
      98 replies | 19215 view(s)
    • Marina's Avatar
      Today, 05:24 PM
      Marina replied to a thread L'Occitane TSV 22/11/17 in QVC
      This is ridiculous, EDT is the same price as EDP for the same size 50 ml. And post on top.
      144 replies | 22962 view(s)
    • Marina's Avatar
      Today, 05:21 PM
      Marina replied to a thread L'Occitane TSV 22/11/17 in QVC
      I've just returned from the shop, they didn't have this edition and had no clue.
      144 replies | 22962 view(s)
    • maymorganlondon's Avatar
      Today, 05:18 PM
      I don't have a family, I just go to the supermarket when I happen to be passing one. When I do have folks staying, I couldn't do a shop without a...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • candycane's Avatar
      Today, 05:09 PM
      Always try to make a list so that I have everything I need for each meal. I always forget things though and buy things I don't need. It's so boring...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • Kathy's Avatar
      Today, 04:54 PM
      I switched on to see if I was missing anything... Claire started talking about her Mummy, I had to switch over before I threw something at my tv.
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • loveallthingsitalian's Avatar
      Today, 04:33 PM
      I only do a physical list at Christmas or if I'm cooking something new otherwise it is a mental list having decided a general idea of meals for the...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
      Today, 04:30 PM
      L'Occitane TSV Indivual Items L'Occitane TDL L'eau Edt 50ml 58 + post ...
      144 replies | 22962 view(s)
    • Muttley's Avatar
      Today, 04:20 PM
      I missed the "grand entrance" but saw the invited guests and the infamous Igor.
      6375 replies | 475253 view(s)
    • Pick-a-Lily's Avatar
      Today, 04:05 PM
      Pick-a-Lily replied to a thread Merchant of Venice in QVC
      I know, terribly sad about David Cassidy, he was such a good looker in his youth. Although I personally preferred David Essex, who I think has a...
      10 replies | 631 view(s)
    • Twilight's Avatar
      Today, 03:56 PM
      I would imagine money's no object in their household & a 'budget' is something that only applies to other people. Maybe her darling Dan does the...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • juleslpool's Avatar
      Today, 03:47 PM
      Thanks SCW will have to wait and see. Hopefully it'll have the Complexion rescue in thst my sister loves.
      2 replies | 1116 view(s)
    • Boris Bear's Avatar
      Today, 03:36 PM
      Boris Bear replied to a thread Decleor TSV 19/11/17 in QVC
      If dispatch is week commencing 11th December I assume day 5 of the 3 to 5 days for delivery will be Monday 18th December. If anyone's TSV does not...
      98 replies | 19215 view(s)
    • Dream Girl's Avatar
      Today, 03:35 PM
      Has just happily and sounded very pleased to announce in the Kipling hour, she doesn't make a food shopping list. So a working mother of three...
      10 replies | 356 view(s)
    • radio_dayz's Avatar
      Today, 03:28 PM
      Watching this Drone on TV, and seeing it drift all over the studio, I am very interested in the new GPS technology it is said to use. Being the owner...
      0 replies | 41 view(s)
    • Lemonpop's Avatar
      Today, 03:13 PM
      Lemonpop replied to a thread Jill Franks in QVC
      She'll probably say she loves them and cant live without them. :giggle::giggle:
      11 replies | 1438 view(s)
    • Fallen Angel's Avatar
      Today, 02:59 PM
      Next items are Full-sized Korres shower wash! Tula exfoliating treatment mask Pixi beauty glow booster i The new just-for-Tili nail colour from...
      31 replies | 5395 view(s)
    • Linwood's Avatar
      Today, 02:55 PM
      Linwood replied to a thread Royalty now flogging on qvc ! in QVC
      And hasn't he had an on/off relationship with Donna Air who was on QVC flogging her range of jewellery called 'Little bird' ? I believe they are...
      4 replies | 376 view(s)
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