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  1. why did Bid go bust... just look at this:
  2. Just been to Sally Jack's website
  3. Are you having Bid/Pricedrop withdrawal symptoms?
  4. It's Christmas Day 2013 and your other half buys you a special present....
  5. If Bid Shopping went off air around 2pm and...
  6. Mark Ryes Radio 4 24/4/14 12noon
  7. It's the Sit-up Bankruptcy Auction! Come and get the goodies!
  8. Going, Going, GONE
  9. Marina Berry reflects on Bid Tv
  10. Nicknames
  11. Congratulations to Mr. Tom
  12. Greg Scott on the demise of Sit Up
  13. Tania
  14. good ridance
  15. Calling anyone who has bought from Bid TV or Price Drop or Speed Auction.
  16. I hear........
  17. Mike Mason
  18. Who next?
  19. Schlock and Sal
  20. Peter Simon.... Bids loss and Gems gain? you decide
  21. Oh Dear Mr Sherlock
  22. The Brand and the domain names
  23. Lessons from Bid
  24. Studios and Warehouse
  25. Is Bid TV set to return?
  26. I do miss them sometimes
  27. Bid Simon & Marina classic
  28. James Russell
  29. Missing these channels now...oh why did they have to be so naughty!
  30. Ring Up tv is coming!
  31. One year on
  32. Win Cash Live (New name for Ring Up tv)
  33. Lisa Brash
  34. Should WinCashLive have it's own Shopping Telly forum?
  35. Will WinCashLive slowly morph back into Bid tv
  36. More ex Bid presenters join WinCashLive
  37. No-one playing/winning!
  38. What is the long term strategy of the channel?
  39. 8m to launch wincashlive!!!!!!!
  40. Bid Shopping aquired!
  41. RIP Michelle Watt
  42. The Craft Channel to rent former Bid studios
  43. WinCashLive goes off the tv and online only
  44. "Re-launching shortly"?
  45. Bid.tv domain name in dispute
  46. The new Bid.tv...
  47. Wouldn't the Bid tv set have looked better like this?
  48. New bid tv details to be announced Monday 2 Nov
  49. Bid is back
  50. The New Bid tv have developed a catchphrase....
  51. 1 Week until bidtv relaunch
  52. Bid tv - Will you be going back...?
  53. bidtv will be cancelled AGAIN
  54. Bid tv website
  55. Well everyone the big day is here...
  56. One year since Bid tv was purchased by Grant Miller
  57. Steve McDonald
  58. Win Cash Live
  59. Mark Ryes wants you to pay 25....
  60. Bid tv - when live tv goes horribly wrong