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  1. Peter Sherlock leaving :(
  2. Price Drop TV inaccurate selling patter on 24carat gold FINISH neckchain
  3. Lisa Celisse on Gala Bingo
  4. Who will be next?
  5. Oi Paul stop lying!
  6. Did I miss a memo or somethingd
  7. Peter Simon drops Mike Mason in it
  8. The crap Avalanche Game turns into Deal, No Deal
  9. ASA Adjudication on sit-up Ltd - Wednesday 7th December 2011
  10. Found a use for Bid.tv presenters & saving the UK economy
  11. Peter Simon and the Cock
  12. Play the Sit Up Market Trade Goods sold/hyped up as Designer/High Quality BS Game!
  13. Peter Simon test driving a hand massager
  14. Might they drop a channel from Freeview?
  15. How did it go to a web bidder....????
  16. remember when you could get a bargain?
  17. Bid tv, the new jewellery channel?
  18. Stuhrling
  19. Peter Simon does it again
  20. Missing watch
  21. Lies, lies & more lies
  22. Helen Bates is Miss Sheffield?
  23. Paul Becque going to price drop next year
  24. Price Drop 'promo deal' lies
  25. how do they get away with telling so many lies
  26. Dallas
  27. Do The People From SitUp Read these Posts? And Stuhrling watches, revisited.
  28. Low price. Why? Mistake on the box.
  29. Another lie another day
  30. The Vault finale - clearance avalance special
  31. Andy Hodgson on Bid
  32. Peter Simon and the Triple A Tanzanite pendant
  33. Royal Doulton OTT?!
  34. PS - shops should not charge car parking
  35. Merry Christmas...
  36. You're in Luck!!
  37. Lisa Brash Speed Auction Justin Bieber Guitar
  38. Bloody Tanzinite!!
  39. Wasn't this weekend the last chance to buy ..
  40. Poor Peter Simon can't keep it up!
  41. Ladies!! Would you be happy if your fella bought you an 18/24 carat FINISH/PLATED...
  42. Bid Shopping - are they as bad as Auction World
  43. Bid.tv, the universe and the planet earth
  44. Big christmas clearance
  45. I dont believe it !!!!!!!!!!
  46. Speed Auction dropped again
  47. Price Drop lie
  48. One not to be missed?
  49. Recorded Hour
  50. Quickest mention of Valentine's Day ever?
  51. In praise of Bid for once
  52. Virgin Media thinks the Bid product offerings tonight are crap as well
  53. Where have the channels gone?
  54. Thanks Bid
  55. Caroline Lyndsay has she had a bit too good a Christmas?
  56. Bid Shopping in 2012 - What will happen?
  57. Peter Simon's mother
  58. I see he's back..... peddling his tat!
  59. Cheap men's clothing on Bid.tv website
  60. More Ocean Netbook lies
  61. I Don't Think Andy Hodgson's been watching Bid tv in an evening :cheeky:
  62. New year with Peter Simon
  63. Lisa Brash "Why Can't We Sell Anything At The Price The Comapny Wants?"
  64. Lisa Brash returns permanently
  65. Did anybod catch the last item sold in 2011 and first item sold in 2012? If not....
  66. This 'How much we are scheduled to lose on this item' crap
  67. FAQ About Tanzanite
  68. So how rare is Tanzanite i decided to investigate lol
  69. Just for fun, if Bid Shopping sold 'x' they would sell it like this
  70. Gold-plated items. A rigorous inspection process?
  71. When Peter Simon was young, sexy and a teen pin-up
  72. peter simon Says Twitter
  73. What's going on?
  74. Chris St Valery interviews Pyschic Sally
  75. Strange - Paul Becque not mentioning Price Drop by name!
  76. Mark Ryes is looking.... are you the one?
  77. Speed Auction bac k at 5?
  78. Vacu Vin Ice Cooling
  79. Saving Bid style? LOL
  80. I just put Price-Drop on and....
  81. I want to buy mens clothing from Bid/Price-Drop!!!
  82. Bid TV selling a 7 inch Tablet but you can get a similar one for half the price
  83. Sally Jaxx - Put it Away!
  84. Marina Berry: What's the Point?
  85. Bid TV Assistants Dance
  86. Peter Simon says ****
  87. Elvis in BID House
  88. Sit Up Network Customer Services based abroad??
  89. Mike Mason.....RETURNS!!
  90. James Russell doesn't like it up him
  91. Short Interview with Charlie McArdle
  92. The Tanzanite Mine and the little dwarves have been tracked down
  93. Mmm! Ben, the model is nice on Bid right now.
  94. Ben Hagger - ever wonder what he looks like
  95. Shock Bid put a black person on primetime
  96. Arghh!! Sally Jacks you got a boyfriend we get the idea
  97. John Hammond
  98. The Good Old Days
  99. greg scott aka greggles
  100. How much do courier companies charge Sit-Up network to deliver their products?
  101. Lisa Brash is doing an impression of....
  102. Award winning? What award?
  103. Wow forget Ben look at the model on Bid Now!!!!!!!!!
  104. POLL: Do you think Sit-up presenters look at this forum?
  105. This is the latest tat they are selling
  106. How can they justify what they do?
  107. Bid Shopping recruiting
  108. Poor old Peter Simon
  109. Speed Auction TV MASSIVE changes! :D
  110. Launch of Swarovski Crap on Bid
  111. To be fair ..
  112. Stephen Gayford art? Overrated?
  113. Are you glad Mike Mason is back
  114. mike mason on earlier tonight don't forget
  115. Did Charlie just say?
  116. Refreshing to hear Mike Mason spell out clearly what the gold plated jewellery is
  117. Mark Ryes Is At The Cinema and having a bad time.... Hahha
  118. I hope Sally Jaxx isn't going to be a regular late night fixture!
  119. New Look Speed Auction
  120. Bid Bargains
  121. paul becque vs mike mason
  122. The Boot Australia
  123. Dr. Cringles knows
  124. Ahhhh Swarovski!!!
  125. Portable Speakers for a bicycle
  126. The missing Jewel of the nile.
  127. Mike Smith losing it on Speed Auction
  128. Jewellrey Avalanche things all going for 1
  129. Silly Quantites on Speed Auction but could they keep the channel going?
  130. Get Ready for the ultimate in designer fragrance...
  131. More Tat from Babs Keller
  132. No graphics
  133. John Wayne Clock
  134. How much do you think the presenters get paid?
  135. The clothes
  136. Can someone tell me if the presenters are read scripts in their earpiece
  137. Gold Clearance Con
  138. Come on, lets come up with a new trick for them!
  139. Should Sit Up and all TV shopping channels be made to mention the P&P cost...
  140. Charlie on Price Drop because of model Ben?
  141. Noooooooo they letting Tori present!!!!!!!!
  142. The rudest presenter on Bid Shopping!
  143. Who do you want to return next?
  144. Chewing Gum on Boots
  145. Is the Tanzanite real? Disturbing Bid Facebook comment
  146. The official Mark Ryes Website
  147. James Russell's sideburns
  148. OMG paul becque in a kilt!
  149. Same products on each channel
  150. Female American Fitness Coach demonstrator & Paul Becque's Mum & Tori's Mum
  151. Who would you get onto be a Celebrity Presenter?
  152. I thought Andy Hodgson had moved on to pastures new?
  153. Caroline Lindsay talking Tripe this morning
  154. Pricing: What would be better?
  155. Different products in a morning
  156. So what changes will be taking on Speed Auction on 1st February?
  157. What is James Russell on about what the hell is Jewellery Jeopardy
  158. Working for Bid Shopping: Bad for your health!
  159. Free p&p
  160. Who is the mystery presenter going to be at 10pm tonight on price-drop?
  161. The Bid Up Drinking Game
  162. Sit-up.tv a new way to shop
  163. What's worse: The Worry Angels or The Peter Simon 10th Anniversary Resin Statuette
  164. I am the Sit-Up Network Worry Angel. Write your worries about the network....
  165. Ha Ha Ha Guess what they are waiting to be delievered tomorrow
  166. Free p&p advert
  167. Chris Rhodes can you guess what he is selling lol
  168. Jewellery cleaner
  169. Charlie McArdle's Dizzee Rascal's ad
  170. Will Bid get any of these Tanzanite Products soon?
  171. "Steal The Deal", "The Power Hour", Jewellery Avalanche"...
  172. The "First" Advert
  173. Jewellery week
  174. Peter Simon lists his ex girlfriends
  175. The Australia Boot Limited?
  176. Andy Hodgson stop scaring people
  177. P&P Con proof
  178. New Look Speed Auction from 1st Feb
  179. Technical Problems on Speed Auction
  180. Simon Davies you dope
  181. James Russell going away for a while
  182. Individual websites
  183. speed auction saying LIVE when it's not
  184. New Year, new complaint...
  185. All channels relaunching?
  186. Speed Auction Live
  187. Sabatier Trompette
  188. Mike Mason returning?
  189. Win24
  190. Good grief!
  191. bid having problems
  192. Gavel Action...
  193. Swapped gavel?
  194. The next cheap big thing?
  195. Mark Ryes trying to fit in the most nonsense possible in 30 seconds?!
  196. More money than sense?
  197. Charlie! How can you say that is beautiful???
  198. It's Presenter Wars! Bid versus Price Drop: Steve McDonald versus Sally Jaxx.
  199. Not thousands...not hundreds..
  200. Cheek of it - Mark Stewart talking about dodgy plumbers and garages
  201. Beware the brash!
  202. Who buys this...........
  203. One P&P again?
  204. The novelty is wearing off......
  205. Jamea Russel on holiday :)
  206. Those padua bracelets
  207. I love it that the presenters care so much for us in this cold weather
  208. Winter weather scare tactics
  209. Do you have a hairstyle like Sally Jaxxs?
  210. Exclusive James Russell's Busman's Holiday Photos
  211. Aw, Lou! Chris Rhodes is getting married in the summer!
  212. If Helen Bates had a brain...
  213. Worry Angels - link to voodoo witchcraft?
  214. 19.99 on pricedrop, 12.99 on bid...
  215. price drop - studio recreation
  216. for the gentleman with twelve fingers...
  217. Andy Hodgson needs to change his meds
  218. Forget The Worry Angels here come The Buddahs!!!
  219. Is Bid just there to fund market stall holders and E-bay money makers
  220. Peter Simon selling an "Inspirations Rhodium Plated Crystal Stretch Bracelet"
  221. Is this for real?
  222. Without a doubt the biggest ever quantity on price drop....
  223. Peter Simon - stop demonstrating the homedics massager PLEASE!!!
  224. Price-Drop relaunch?
  225. peter's "monologues"
  226. Buyers beware- ALWAYS compare.
  227. Mystery megadeal money-making
  228. Charlie McArdle...
  229. What would you rename the three Sit-up Channels?
  230. Slava Zaitsev Maroussia EDT 100ml & Armand Lovely Blossom Bid Price: 39.99 +7.99 P&P
  231. I think I need to get my Gaydar fixed
  232. Bid Worry Dolls - The dolls made for that certain viewer. Which doll are you?
  233. Bid Stats
  234. Another gavel?
  235. The caring candle company
  236. justin's got the massager
  237. Caroline Lyndsay
  238. If Benny were to become a Sit-up TV presenter...
  239. Andy Hodgson now mentions p&p
  240. Nursery Fresh Plants on Bid Shopping This Sunday
  241. paul becque on speed auction
  242. Steve McDonald
  243. Why can't the 1 megadrops really be 1 all in?
  244. Humidifier
  245. Ideal World garden items on bid tomorrow
  246. Date Night 2.14
  247. Sally Jaxxs is at College studying.....
  248. Bid Gardening Launch on Today
  249. price drop mock
  250. speed auction mock