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  1. Intempo Evolve Anyone Bought One Of These Yet ?
  2. Lisa Brash Officially left.
  3. Peter Simon
  4. Get ready for the latest scare story sell
  5. Mike's got Reggae CD's
  6. On Air Hours Cut
  7. New format for Bid Shopping
  8. P&P Terms And Conditions
  9. Peter Sherlock
  10. Double Shifts
  11. This is nice...
  12. Please no!! I couldn't help but laugh!!!
  13. Handbag & Shoe Over Door Hooks
  14. What do you do when the Tanzanite 'lecture' begins?
  15. Peter Simon massage chair
  16. Bid Gardening Tomorrow (Sunday) 9.30am and 12.30pm
  17. Halogen oven
  18. Dr Cringles
  19. Steve MacDonald - Can't Stand No More
  20. The most profit you made?
  21. WHy is Chris Rhodes on Speed auction?
  22. Makes you wonder....
  23. 1 items a day of the past being excited about.
  24. What is the ultimate Bid TV Nightmare show I think it is right now!!
  25. I'm sick and tired of the endless jewellery auctions
  26. Easily Filled Hanging Baskets
  27. Situp Ripping Off Marie Curie charity - 50p donation from a 17.99 item fair or foul?
  28. Leg and Thigh Massager Ho!
  29. Marla London Handbags
  30. bid graphics QVC style
  31. speed auction QVC style
  32. Helen Bates on again Arggghhhh!!
  33. I've heard it all now
  34. where's mike?
  35. Forget Tanzanite could this be the next mine Bid will be sniffing around?
  36. Perfumes
  37. Spud growing kit
  38. Did I hear Kiri right?
  39. Forget Sit-up! I'm totally addicted to Amazon! Why can't Sit-up be like Amazon???
  40. Phone Locking
  41. Starting at 6:45
  42. He's Back!
  43. Extraordinary!!!
  44. Did you see this beauty?
  45. James Russell lying through his teeth again
  46. OMG!!!!!!! I Don't believe what James Garner just said!!
  47. Peter Simon selling women's spray
  48. Massive mark up on "Aquaswiss" watch
  49. Homedics Massager
  50. Tacky Globe
  51. Bid Curry Club 5pm.Something New??
  52. Megadrops are back!
  53. Megadrop T&C's Is this true?
  54. Mike Mason's hair should he shave it all off?
  55. Lisa's candle company
  56. Biggest liar?
  57. I feel very sorry for Mark Ryes
  58. Solar Garden Fairy Light With Bell Flowers on Bid TV
  59. Pre record on bid
  60. Guy Kean & Gardening Guest
  61. Did Helen Bates just say what I thought she did?
  62. Most honest presenter
  63. 'The World Renowned' Jenny Topp
  64. They really will say anything
  65. Will the auction format disappear in favour of fixed price recorded features?
  66. Andy Hodgson we don't need to know
  67. Refund
  68. More honesty in product descriptions?
  69. Sit-up talking rubbish about JPD Maestro Pour Homme EDT?
  70. Zotrim diet supplement
  71. Cindy should be on bid!
  72. Peter Simon part 101
  73. the bloomin worry angels are back! eek!!!!!!!!!!
  74. knew sally jaxx was a singer never knew she was in the vengaboys lol
  75. Andrea mcclean
  76. Peter Simon dresses as a Panda
  77. Limit watches
  78. Confused with the Brompton & Cooper brand on Sit-ups
  79. Should Bid Shopping be selling water using products?
  80. The Rise & Fall of Sit-Up
  81. Overpriced Limit Watches
  82. Should Sit-Up do a range of adult toys & adutainment gifts and accessories?
  83. Mpre "What's in the box?" nonsense
  84. I don't see the point of the Electric Auto Easy Peeler on Bid
  85. James Russell selling Tanzanite on Bid TV. Again.
  86. Isn't it time to stop arguing with each other?
  87. Cheer up everyone...
  88. Please pray with the Worry Angels with me for harmony and peace in this forum
  89. Peter Simon and Toastabags
  90. Russian Diopside
  91. Tanzanite Out Diopzide In
  92. OMG, great event...
  93. directly to the police...
  94. Yet another reason not to buy off this bunch of cowboys
  95. Return them?
  96. Mike Mason....
  97. Pictures love canvas...
  98. Banned from Bid Facebook page!
  99. Humidifiers
  100. Spoilt for choice!
  101. New range of worry angels
  102. Oh dear!
  103. This is how price drop SHOULD be!
  104. Average product value: 8
  105. bid tonight
  106. Here we go again - Bid's latest Rare Gemstone launches - Apatite
  107. "10.99 That's all you'll pay"
  108. Something else rare on bid
  109. Justin is on two channels at once
  110. amazing talking watch!
  111. who's the presenter?
  112. Has Spped Auction Live met it's maker already?
  113. Bid tv Live Outside Broadcast
  114. Why Don't I Like Jenny Topp?
  115. What on earth has Sally Jaxxs got on here ears?
  116. Any idea what is happening to price drop tomorrow (30/3) at 18:00 ?
  117. bid shopping re-launches price drop tv on Friday 30th March 2012 6pm
  118. Do you think the new Price Drop set better than the old one?
  119. price drop - new look studio recreation
  120. 1 not low enough?
  121. disney rip off
  122. No mention of metal used in rings.
  123. Mike talks a load of crap!
  124. How long will it be before they do FREE products promotions
  125. What do you think of the Sit-up TV Network?
  126. Radiopaq Bass Reflex In-ear headphones - Sit-up Discount rip-off!
  127. James Gardner - pricedrop.
  128. Lighting
  129. Sit-up selling Kinkade works on the back of his death.
  130. The 'chef' and that multicooker
  131. A duvet set - but what is it made of?
  132. Lee Baldry on Bid tv!
  133. Luvin' the 1 Megadrop Bop!
  134. Appeal to Bid Shopping
  135. If Sit-up was a horse in the Grand National, what would it be called?
  136. Flash clearance on price-drop earlier on tonight. What a load of s**t !!
  137. Bid TV sinks to a new low. Literally.
  138. Moissanite
  139. Not impressed with Mike Mason tonight
  140. Presenters always stating the bleedin obvious
  141. Bid now
  142. Usual BS again ...
  143. Library Dongle
  144. The latest "Which" advert reminds me of Sit-Up Network products!
  145. Has Bid.tv used dynamite on the Alexandrite mine to re-open it?
  146. Alexandrite
  147. Thomas Earnshaw watch? Quality?
  148. If Bid.tv was around in Victorian times?
  149. Bank Holiday Clearance
  150. Another watch thread
  151. FFS Peter Simon
  152. What one liners are they using to get you to buy?
  153. Charlie
  154. Peter Simon weight loss
  155. Talkback
  156. Bid's turning into QVC
  157. These bracelets
  158. new presenter ben
  159. Same old rubbish
  160. Free to view scart adapter
  161. Bid off air
  162. Wayne on again....
  163. Even at 1p....
  164. Peter Simon Gaffe
  165. caroline or Guy??
  166. Free p&p!
  167. Speed auction hosts closing the auction.
  168. Mark Ryes and the body of Robson Green
  169. Diamond Encrusted Watch
  170. Charlie McArdle's last shift
  171. New Presenter - Lewis
  172. Jenny Topp leaving
  173. James Russell's BS
  174. Charlie McArdle's last night on Bid TV
  175. PAYG Vodafone 354 - 24.99 Sit-up price but.....
  176. Andy Oliver..another one bites the dust !!!!
  177. Throw out those worry angels...
  178. If you went to someone's house and saw they had some Bid Religious tat would you:
  179. Another bid-up.tv ben hagger clip if you are bored!
  180. Peter Simon sells Diamond Jubilee items
  181. Peter Simon: "The computer thing is tripping out again...."
  182. Caroline Lindsey again
  183. Snake oil!
  184. Funny little chappie in a cap
  185. Club Tropicana
  186. Justin: don't forget the ladies
  187. Rare gems
  188. Ingersoll Watches - the truth
  189. Tea bags
  191. James Gardner selling perfumes on Price Drop...
  192. Yuk!
  193. Suggestions for replacement for Speed Auction
  194. Strange phone call?
  195. Mark Ryes can't spell
  196. Credit Suisse Gold Ingot Watch
  197. Goodbye...
  198. Pre decimal coin set.
  199. Talk about state the obvious...
  200. Who wrote the price drop nonsense on the news page?
  201. Isn't it amazing how ....
  202. Far just sold watches on price-drop.
  203. Steve MacDonald wrong price shocker
  204. Why can't I buy from their web site?
  205. Nothing but jewellery and fashion all day
  206. Who next?
  207. Worry angels on now.
  208. Aquamag.
  209. Sakura 12 volt power inverter.
  210. Fairy welcome sign solar light.
  211. Sit-Up Ltd (Bid Shopping) Financial Figures
  212. Brash's scare story
  213. Russell nearly mucks up ..
  214. peter simon (what did he just say?)
  215. Bad News...
  216. Below cost price
  217. So what do you think is happening at Bid Shopping?
  218. London Treasures
  219. James Gardener
  220. What do YOU like about these channels?
  221. Elisa and Peter
  222. James Russell's on. Yet another clearance!!
  223. Why the fudge do they ..
  224. Used to be entertaining
  225. Wonga Advert is it Adam Heppenstall?
  226. Grundig mixer
  227. Clearance sale?
  228. Boast about your bargain.
  229. Nominate the worst crap sold on sit-up.
  230. Tanzanite
  231. Helen Bates forced to co-host with Lisa Brash
  232. Michael Jackson. The new gold mine.
  233. Green Saphire
  234. Slazenger logo
  235. Morganite. James, you must think us all stupid!
  236. Sally purchased something live on air
  237. Mike Mason encouraging piracy
  238. 1 HD Camcorder.
  239. Limited Edition
  240. price-drop get more freeview hours
  241. Seriously Mason ...
  242. One pence!!!!!!!!!
  243. Yet another price error.
  244. P&P and call charges
  245. Yarvik Tablet
  246. James Russell's teef
  247. Crap presenter selling another crap product!
  248. you're gettin it for less than we paid for it
  249. An average night on talkback
  250. James Gardener leaving!