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  1. dr lewins
  2. Is Caroline Lyndsay..
  3. London Treasures ring just sold for only a penny!
  4. Mattress Protector
  5. Buy 3 things and get a 10 voucher
  6. FAO Sally Jacks
  7. Do any SIt Up Presenters ever mention call cost and p&p
  8. Question for Andrea McLean!
  9. Mike Masons car what a" CRACKER"
  10. Peter Simon back on today
  11. Kitchen "chef"
  12. James Russell - the best of Bid
  13. Avalanche what's the point
  14. Is this a new con
  15. If you were forced to buy.........
  16. jean paul dupont leonidas de toilette perfume
  17. Peter Simon
  18. It's all down to Simon Cowell
  19. Moissanite: the original very rare gemstone or the synthetic silicon carbide version?
  20. Jenny the model said....
  21. Sickened by James Russell and his monologue to sell his poppy inspired tat
  22. Peter Sherlock to create his own fragrance
  23. Speed Auction dead?
  24. Tommy and Kate tops!
  25. Why do we watch Bid & Price?
  26. Mike Mason must be desperate to keep his job?
  27. 1p gold earrings bargain "or not"
  28. Mike "Del boy" Mason - was I hearing things last night?
  29. The 'beauty' bras
  30. Dr Lewinn's Cosmetic Lift pack
  31. Montine of Switzerland Watches another anonymous brand hyped up by the liars of Bid
  32. Russell at it again!!!
  33. The worry angels are back!
  34. Forget the Worry Angel, there's a new kid in Town.
  35. Don't you love it when Bid Network commemorates the fallen in battle on Remembrance..
  36. Thomas Brooks shoes
  37. Oxygene pour homme, Lanvin
  38. Mystery box
  39. Which will run out first? The Tanzanite Mine or Bid.tv?
  40. Terratek Cordless Screwdriver
  41. "I know great sound" Mikey's favourite saying
  42. That Yarvik Tablet
  43. Genuine Minoir Watch
  44. Back in the UK
  45. Professional results with Wayne and his halogen oven..
  46. Who the hell does Sally Jaxx think she is?
  47. James russell
  48. Nicola George
  49. P&P again
  50. Joblot of Dr Cringles - Sell them on as Mikey would say
  51. Did "Del-Boy" just
  52. Mason lies ... again
  53. "Shouting Sallys " interesting fact !!!!!
  54. Caroline "GO !! GO!!GO!!!
  55. "palazzo pants" omg !!! Itsawrap in disguise
  56. Paul becque v mike mason
  57. Your very own 'Bass Reflex sound test sheet'
  58. Mandate is high end designer fragrance.....
  59. If Sit Up Tv was Coronation St or Eastenders
  60. "Technical hitches", 1p deals and mistakes deliberate selling tactics!
  61. GT Preceision Watch. Lies/Misinformation.
  62. James Russell and the Gold Bullion Watch.
  63. Jenny Topp on mufin top and 6-packs
  64. Mike Mason's CV
  65. The beautiful Helen Bates
  66. wayne the "chef"
  67. FAO Peter Sherlock
  68. Christmas Clearance is over...
  69. Yarvik tablet for under 100.
  70. Oskar Emil Tangier Ladies watch
  71. Horrid Baby Dolls
  72. Tommy & Kate store opening on Knightsbridge
  73. Warehouse Clearance stupid presenters
  74. The New Fantasy Virtual Bid TV Presenter: What would he/she look like?
  75. Hello I'm new
  76. Just who are Tommy and Kate ??????
  77. ASA rulings....
  78. Bad weather on the way
  79. Is Chris Birkett a cure for insomnia?
  80. Why is Helen Bates doing the graveyard shift???
  81. I love this woman
  82. Andy Hodgson - Sells JeanPpaul DuPont, HONESTLY
  83. Westenders live
  84. Guy Kean - Appalling Lies
  85. 5,000,000 Warehouse Clearance must end soon!
  86. Auto tecnik portable car heater
  87. Supplier stock liquidation 90% off
  88. Nicola George Thread - Post examples of bull!
  89. Bid.tv memorabilia
  90. Elizabeth Grant Collagen Body Cream
  91. Shopping Telly/Bid TV email spam virus???
  92. OMG Russell acknowledges P&P!
  93. What do you want to see inside Mike's Box?
  94. the assistant tonight?
  95. "your taking us now" from james russell the pinocchio of bid tv
  96. Nature Perfume - Thank you peter Sherlock
  97. Why lie to us?
  98. Bought egyptian cotton bedding with free postage -
  99. Andy & Wayne
  100. Presenters seemed miserable today
  101. Sad to see what this company has become
  102. P+P, more prominent on screen.
  103. Dial the number,then press 1 then.........
  104. Peter Simon just sold a GOLD Earnshaw for 49!!
  105. Another JPD story.......James Russell this time!
  106. More lies. Sally Jaxx says Yohanas is exclusive to bid
  107. Peter Simon is a weatherman
  108. Exclusively His 24ct Gold Plated Curb Neckchain with Cross
  109. James Russell sit down show
  110. Peter Sherlock and the prices
  111. Heads-Up: Flash Clearance @ 3pm
  112. snake serum
  113. ....In the meantime, Peter Simon just gets worse!
  114. Mike masons first three items
  115. JPD Now on the high street (cheaper than bid TV)
  116. Fao peter sherlock re: Christin lars eau de parfum
  117. Super intelligent comment of the day....
  118. Taking rubbish to new heights
  119. Kangol such a top brand says James Russell
  120. James Russel should be sacked from Sit-up for his constant lies
  121. Mark Ryes is an utter......
  122. Nicola George is an absolute disgrace.
  123. Bid Plus
  124. 3 more complaints upheld
  125. The last things I bought from bid/p.drop
  126. Annoying presenters
  127. Peter Sherlock talking about rogue traders
  128. Skin pharmacy intense viper snake serum
  129. Cashmere & Wool Overcoat - another one for the ASA?
  130. Lust *love*kiss* mega deal "yeah right "!!!!!!
  131. Tonight at 5
  132. AMAZING Bid buys!
  133. How you can tell when Sally Jack's is too thick to present shopping telly...
  134. The enlarged P&P
  135. Avi8 Watch with cacophony of sound!
  136. Peter Simon and the word "GOLD"
  137. Great News! - Yonanas
  138. Peter Simon on Christin Lars
  139. "I don't know how we can do this"
  140. What will be bid shopping's next trick?
  141. Tongue tied St Peter Simon
  142. Mikey Mason and his cracking deals
  143. Yarvik stock
  144. Suggestions for Health and Beauty
  145. The old box lie from Caroline Lindsay
  146. Mike Mason selling a toaster last night
  147. Mason's Weather Warning
  148. Stop glancing...
  149. Radio And TV Dongle.
  150. Peter Simon- Will he ever give it a rest?
  151. Picks of the Year
  152. Things presenters say when they get home from work?
  153. Montine watch.......24 carat solid gold leaf dial!
  154. Russell and Opium Perfume
  155. Gold Colour Cherubs.
  156. London Treasures watches.......GGGGGRRRR!
  157. Lisa Brash... Quids In!
  158. Unbelievable - 100ml Opium EDT for 69.98 - 79.50 including charges
  159. denim pants!
  160. Diamond Encrusted Chrsitin Lars Watch.
  161. Blatant mis selling again!!!!!
  162. Per item has gone?
  163. The Cheek... Caroline Lyndsay
  164. Five shopping days left
  165. Mike Mason - Outrageous Claim
  166. The pot and the kettle.
  167. Yarvic tablet, last chance to buy yet again !
  168. Bid Plus - does anyone know what the point is?
  169. Sally Jacks
  170. There really is a Mike Mason who knows about sound!
  171. Mike Mason - His Lady/Godess and little boy
  172. How much longer can these channels last?
  173. Christmas Day in a Bid.tv fan's household?
  174. Nicola George lying on Bid
  175. Rule 1: Talk towards the camera
  176. the difference between very good and very bad
  177. It's been a slow night...
  178. Pampering Day with free P+P - Well Guess What?
  179. Christin Lars Watch with four encrusted Diamonds...
  180. sally jaxx (delivery again)
  181. How Kind!
  182. Does Peter Simon fake a posh accent?
  183. More Yarviks tonight!
  184. Oh dear, Peter
  185. a new leaf for Russell?
  186. Yarvik watch
  187. New 'Luxury' watch Brand - Ballast
  188. "Our Bet....."
  189. 1/2 ct ring OMG!
  190. Lies, damn lies, and sit-up tv
  191. Has "Chef" Wayne been fired?
  192. When Bid get shut down what will be the presenter's next job be?
  193. Classic Peter Simon howler!
  194. The diamond in the rough
  195. Clearance then and now.
  196. Peter Simon
  197. I actually saw a bargain on bid today!!!!!!!!!
  198. some decent deals today
  199. Click Fragrance
  200. Yarvik tablets on Bid's ebay site for 40!
  201. Merry Christmas All.
  202. Paul Becque
  203. Bid Plus
  204. Bid.tv 2013 new product predictions?
  205. Parrot Presenters
  206. Anyone heard of electronics.world.123?
  207. I must be losing it, I bought from bid today!!!!
  208. Lisa in the money.
  209. Vodaphone 354
  210. I am really getting tired of ...
  211. "I have x number of people on the phone lines"
  212. Nicola George tops it off! A new 2013 technique!
  213. Caroline Lindsey insults a buyer
  214. if it wasn't for the p&p and the phone call ...
  215. mike mason
  216. Moet&muffins - Mike Mason
  217. Has anyone checked out Bid TV's facebook page?
  218. In defence of bid
  219. Mens Flash Clearance
  220. Skin Pharmacy
  221. Couldn't happen to a better person Jim Russell
  222. What happened to...
  223. Peter 'The Elvis Expert' Simon
  224. Skin Pharmacy
  225. 24 Roses offer for 6.99
  226. Jewellery Channel
  227. The graphics
  228. E-mail for Bid TV please
  229. Sit-up 'values'
  230. Another complaint upheld
  231. Free p&p all items this sunday!!
  232. Another classic from Peter Simon!
  233. Stephen Gayford Art Evening Sunday 8pm
  234. Pineapple Pete
  235. Free P+P Today & 10 voucher
  236. Andy Oliver
  237. Why do I never learn my lesson not to buy from Bid again?
  238. Wireless password
  239. new presenter tonight at 6.30pm
  240. The "missing stock's back!"
  241. Items not delivered
  242. At last the truth...
  243. Speed Auction
  244. Past Bargains
  245. Things are changing...
  246. Gold Star for anyone who survives to the end of Peter Simon's Kinkade presentations
  247. Dupont is back!
  248. Steve Mcdonald on Bid
  249. Classic Bid-up.tv
  250. Thomas Kinkade - paragon of wonderfulness?