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  1. Whose in charge...
  2. If anyone needed proof......................
  3. "For Yourself.." low down dirty trick :(
  4. Laurelle Sexy Shoo 7.98 delivered
  5. Bod's NEW look for afternoons
  6. Calling Ms. Brash
  7. Getting ready for Christmas
  8. The One Show
  9. Lisa Brash can't speak French
  10. BIG savings club
  11. water beads
  12. Bidtv copying qvc ??
  13. Jenny Topp
  14. Mark stewart in the big bs league
  15. Free P&P on Price Drop
  16. Who is presenting Price-Drop now?
  17. Thank you, Andy Hodgson...
  18. Name of Show?
  19. OPI Nail Vanish
  20. Elisa
  21. popeye dvd set
  22. Cruise Bargains at bid tv
  23. My Goodness - Bod Flips!
  24. Worst bid presenters EVER!
  25. 4.99 P&P jewellery?
  26. Dont forget Car crash Telly tonight at 6.30pm
  27. Deal of the Day
  28. Deal or no deal
  29. Both websites practically empty - Any reason for this?
  30. Bid's 13th birthday celebrations
  31. Bid TV Christmas Promotions 2013
  32. Paul Evers...
  33. Let's Play A Game
  34. South Park Parody on Home Shopping episode Cash for Gold
  35. Are the presenters under extra pressure at the moment?
  36. Thomas Kinkade Collection - 11pm on Bid
  37. Ocean tree trading
  38. Nicola 'Lola' George - As Seen On Australian TV
  39. Laurelle
  40. A few observations from the last couple of days.
  41. Sally Jaxx today - shockingly bad!!
  42. Will Peter Sherlock Give It A Rest?
  43. Best bs line award 2013
  44. Thomas Kinkade - Tonight with Lisa Brash
  45. Credits
  46. Technical problems
  47. Stephen Gayford Special - Tonight from 10pm on Bid
  48. Four weeks today...
  49. Peter Simon's wonderful pronunciations.
  50. Guy Kean is rapidly becoming my favourite presenter
  51. Jenny Topp
  52. Pre-recorded (Bid-Plus?) Segments
  53. Lisa Brash
  54. Good work, good work everyone...
  55. Monster clearance on price drop
  56. Let's set the rumour mill in motion...
  57. Delivery times
  58. Sit-Up Accounts overdue
  59. New Fragrance - Jean Pierre-Sand
  60. Megadrops
  61. Peter Sherlock Shirts
  62. High end watches
  63. Another exclusive new perfume
  64. Peter Simon
  65. Mike not being honest again.
  66. Steve McDonald in a sumo wrestler costume
  67. Mike Mason and the two-minute clock
  68. Bid's pre-Xmas products - tat or just catering for harsh economic times?
  69. Debbie and James
  70. Tablet?
  71. Happy Easter?
  72. Deal of the day!
  73. debbie greenwood
  74. Mike Mason and his Buddas oh the Irony
  75. Deal of the Day Leaf blower, sucker and shredder
  76. Same crap just better presented
  77. Super quick delivery!
  78. What Newspaper/Publication Do The Presenters Read?
  79. who is he?
  80. Sexxxxxxy Shoo at Superdrug!!
  81. Sit-Up is Ocean Tree Trading, wat?
  82. Lynsey Pow
  83. I can see I'm preaching to the converted.
  84. PETER SIMON - i dont understand you
  85. Returns Policy?
  86. James Russell- Complete Incompetent Buffoon
  87. Is It Just Me?
  88. Christmas Present
  89. Almost Too Bizarre For Words
  90. Christmas 2013 Awards
  91. "its a penny...
  92. warehouse clearance..... casual look
  93. lan and Barry Crafti Creations....
  94. sally Jaxx.... bored out of her head today.....
  95. argan oil DOTD
  96. Yarvik Run 4gb MP3
  97. 'I'd love to tell you what we paid......
  98. Patrick Kinkade on Bid - 13 and 14 December
  99. How excited Peter Simon got last night....
  100. Deb G
  101. These so-called "old-school" jewellery avalanches...
  102. "its live.. From London... The award winning... Peter Simon.."
  103. Shocked! Tommy and Kate cardigan goes for just under 30 all in!
  104. Lalique Fragrances
  105. GAD 21, why so cheap? ........ maybe.....
  106. Debbie G and the "booze" today....
  107. Sally Jaxx
  108. Liana... doing a lot of day time shifts...
  109. Counting down the clock...
  110. What presenters irritate you and why?
  111. uncle peter and marina.... last night...
  112. Chris Birkett
  113. Andy Hodgson should be fired!
  114. Elisa Foreman...
  115. Balmain Pens - Not Quite As High End as Russell Maintains?
  116. Stop saying "Well Done" aaaarghh
  117. Can we talk about "our Bet".....
  118. Lee from Ventor?
  119. Debbie Greenwood leaving?
  120. God help us all...
  121. and the 'thick as a brick award' goes to........
  122. Christmas is over.. New Year Sales and Elvis Birthday to look forward to...
  123. Are Bid & Price Drop Shutting Down in January?
  124. Merry christmas bidsters and pricedroppers
  125. make way for rene valente!
  126. Stop blaming the messenger!
  127. New Owner at Sit-Up after record losses
  128. What products would u like to see less off ?
  129. "Oscar & Lewis"
  130. Debbie and Julian Ballantyne on Bid?
  131. Favourite quote of 2013
  132. Peter Simon
  133. Christmas has come to Bid adverts...
  134. Rising prices on bid!
  135. OH NO Not Another Elvis Weekend
  136. fao: Liana, Bid.tv news presenter
  137. My Food!
  138. Best sentence ever spoken by dirty Peter.....
  139. James Russell x David Icke
  140. Cunard shops stocks bid products !
  141. Good luck Ben
  142. Jenny's wedding....
  143. Celebrating Wiggy's time at Bid
  144. Robert Girrard - The Alter Ego of Thomas Kinkade Tonight on Bid
  145. New Delivery Times - 5 to 10 Days or 5 to 10 Working Days?
  146. 2.97 P&P on Price drop.....
  147. Crap products, few suppliers...
  148. Help me....please
  149. Should Sit-up have celebrity presenters on their channels?
  150. Peter SImon is looking good these days
  151. Horrid tacky meerkat deal of the day
  152. Be careful what you wish for!
  153. St Valentines day bandwagon
  154. Skin Pharmacy - Check The Website To See What they Charge?
  155. Avoid their footwear unless it's branded
  156. 10 Free Credit - Available To Spend From Monday 27 January
  157. Perfume week
  158. "Speedy, fast delivery"
  159. Crap product alert! Back Nodger Massager
  160. elvis bracelet exact replica from original mould nothing like original
  161. A proud family moment....
  162. What???
  163. I'm sooo glad to be back!
  164. Fashion collection on both channels
  165. If Bid presenters were a body part which would it be?
  166. Time for a bidtv revamp ?
  167. JPD smellies from 3.99
  168. Debbie Greenwood wipes the floor with the other presenters
  169. Snail serum? What the hell next?
  170. So which MUPPET is your favourite Sit-up presenter?
  171. So Sit-up still do their 'charity' shows?
  172. Dreaming of Bid...
  173. I'm surprised they don't have a SitiUp knock-off 'Charlie Bear' range
  174. Get gorgeous, Get stuffed
  175. What should be the next Bid idea?
  176. Plan B
  177. Last night's Deal of the Day - fruit tress :)
  178. skinpharmacy.tv website and another uktv exclusive.
  179. The departure of Lord Kean
  180. Skin Pharmacy DOTD - UKTV Exclusive
  181. Ocean Tree Trading...
  182. Which Presenter's are Bullet-Proof?
  183. OMG! Peter Sherlock's latest makeover
  184. lip/eyeliner bargains!
  185. Perfume pete
  186. Do a bit of research
  187. That whiskers vacuum thing is rubbish!
  188. Aviator DOTD
  189. Deal of the day....again!!!!
  190. Poundworld Now Deliver - Check This Out & Save A Fortune on Bid Ripoffs!
  191. Is situp channels turning into the last days of auctionworld ?
  192. Much Cheaper Alternative To Snake Serum - Contains 4% Syn-Ake
  193. why the sky channel change this Friday?
  194. Debbie Greenwood has left the building...
  195. BID TV Can't pay creditors/staff/freelancers and suppliers
  196. Just for you Wirral... Lola dances keeping her clothes on this time.
  197. sit-up Limited announces CVA proposal
  198. What do you expect to see 10/03/14 at 10 p.m.?
  199. Bid Vax deal of the day - not a bargain
  200. where have the assistants gone??
  201. Bidtv relaunch: the do's and don't
  202. thoughts.....
  203. Thoughts/Opinions on Bid rebrand
  204. I purchased from Shop at Bid and the call lasted me ...
  205. Bid still selling the same old rubbish
  206. What the hell has Sally got on her head?!!!
  207. Price drop now gone , now "Best of Bid"
  208. Bid Vimeo channel
  209. Read this news artcle from this is money
  210. 9.99 P&P for One Day Special hanging baskets & plants
  211. One Day Special products are dire!
  212. And they're saved!
  213. Blimey - 1/2 decent jewellery on best of bid
  214. Shylock
  215. Price Drop has been advising Freeview viewers to retune on 31 March.
  216. This is a doozy of a lie
  217. Starbucks coffee machine...cracking good deal!
  218. Price Check
  219. Surprised they didn't do this on relaunch night ...
  220. Today's (March 31) channel changes in full
  221. Would they be better off...
  222. All new price drop
  223. "Bids Normal Price" new dodgy sales tactic ?
  224. Surely THE Most Outrageous Price Check, Ever!
  225. Can someone buy shop at bid a calculator?
  226. Can you guess who this is ?
  227. Tell me i'm not going insane!
  228. models on shopping telly
  229. Comments on Bid/Peter Sherlocks facebook page!
  230. What's Going On?
  231. So where will the presenters reappear?
  232. So have thousands of customers (well 50...) lost their cash/orders
  233. No more Laurelle, Sturling, Tommy & Kate
  234. Worry Angels: symbolic of what was shambolic about Bid/Pricedrop
  235. Before we disappear - Last thoughts - What's your bid experience?
  236. The real victims
  237. Well I never ---------->
  238. A request to Graham
  239. The Shopping Telly Bid Shopping fans Facebook Group
  240. Bid Shopping Administration Q&A's
  241. How many times in the last day have you switched over to Bid/Price Drop....
  242. Peter Simon born in 1962?
  243. What was the last thing you saw on shop at Bid and Price drop?
  244. Do you remember the first time?
  245. Comment from a warehouse worker of Bid
  246. He's just happy to be working...
  247. Peter has time to finish his book now
  248. MeMike Mason has time to finish his book now
  249. What caused the sudden drop in sales?
  250. could a bidding format tv shopping channel still work?