View Full Version : Shopping Channel for Argos - Summer 2011

11-03-2011, 08:59 AM
<img src="http://www.shoppingtelly.com/images/argos/argos-logo.png" style="margin-right: 5px; margin-left: 5px; float: right;" />Following our report earlier this week, Argos, the UKs largest general merchandise retailer, has confirmed that it is preparing to launch a new home shopping channel on digital TV this Summer.<br /><br /> As a leader in multi-channel shopping, Argos will use television to add a further dimension to the way in which customers can shop for its products from home. The new TV channel will also enable customers to explore the benefits of products in more depth than traditional print or online channels allow.<br /><br /> Argos intends to launch its TV shopping channel initially on Sky, and will be responsible for all the production and the content of the channel.<br /><br /> Argos Managing Director, Sara Weller commented, The launch of our new TV channel will see us really delivering on our commitment to offer our customers a whole range of convenient ways to shop with Argos.<br /><br /> "Our most recent catalogue launch, in January, was the first to fully integrate our growing Twitter and Facebook communities, where customers can access our products, share ideas and discover lots of engaging content. Our ability to connect between channels means that the content we will be producing for Argos TV will also have wider potential applications online and in store, adding further to customer choice, value and convenience.<br /><br /> In the financial year to February 2011, sales at Argos were 4.2bn with 47% or 2bn of this being multi-channel through a combination of internet, phone and home delivery channels.