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17-11-2012, 01:32 PM
I'm sure all of you regular sit.up viewers have seen this watch and all of it's variants on many occasions.


Yes, it's the GT Precision automatic/quartz watch.

Now I get outraged everytime I hear presenters saying that you never have to buy a new battery for this watch! They always say that it's an automatic watch. Well that's partly true. The seconds hand at 9 o'clock is driven by an automatic (mechanical) movement. However, the main dial at 3 o'clock is in fact driven by a quartz movement, and yes, this movement requires a battery. A battery which will need to be replaced at times, perhaps every two years or so. The whole thing uses a hybrid movement, half mechanical and half quartz. To me, this is a rediculous watch, simply designed the fool people into thinking just what the presenters are saying. What is the point of having a watch that is half quartz and half mechanical? It simply makes no sense!! The sad part is that many people will be ignorant of that fact, and only realise that something is wrong when the battery expires. By that time it would be difficult to do anything about it!

Watches are either, mechanical, (hand wound or automatic) Battery operated quartz, Solar power quartz, where a battery is charged by a solar panel build into the dial, or Seiko's Kinetic quartz design watches which charge a battery by a small generator, which is powered by a rotor which turns with the movement or the wearer, similar to an automatic. There is also the Seiko Spring Drive Watches, which start at about 2000. Even the solar and kinetic watches do not contain a battery that never requires changing. In fact I changed a Battery in a Pulsar kinetic watch for a friend a few weeks ago. (Battery obtained from ebay for around 14.)

I would like to think that the presenters are simply misinformed or ignorant of the facts. But judging by their current antics, it's either deception or downright lies! Personally, I wouldn't take this GT Precision Watch as a gift. I simply hate it!!!

17-11-2012, 02:26 PM
Yup, cowboy nasties!

The TV shopping version of the Tory Party!

Price Plunge
17-11-2012, 05:22 PM
A half quartz/half mechanical watch could have better battery life in theory because the battery doesn't also have to power the second hand, though presumably there's some form of synchronisation to prevent the second hand drifting out of sync with the quartz-locked minute hand movement?