View Full Version : Lust *love*kiss* mega deal "yeah right "!!!!!!

Blue star
07-12-2012, 08:59 AM
I have just watched the female version of batmans "the joker" nicola george with "stig of the dump" peter sherlock selling yet more so called high end perfume and telling people to multibuy for presents they have a nerve !!!! the perfume "love, lust, kiss, Three bottles for one so called low price "stig " said that he didnt want to sell them as he hadnt bought them for the channel, he only likes to sell what he has bought so hes the guilty one who has bought all the other shi*te thats so called high end that we are being flooded with JPD and Laurelle etc . anyway shopping at the cheap shop B&MS in my local town yesterday and there it was for 1.99 a bottle now im sure theres went for something like 9.99 +7.99+1.53 so they have made a killing on that yet again come on bid drop your P&P ITS TO HIGH !!!!!!!