View Full Version : What will be bid shopping's next trick?

The Insider
09-12-2012, 08:51 PM
There is little excitement these days when a product goes to a pound, the novely is waring off the penny deals so what will their next trick be come New Year and the festive shopping season is over?


09-12-2012, 09:21 PM
They're going to have to think of something fast as one by one their tricks and tactics are being reported to the ASA. How we laughed when they used to tell us that it didn't matter if an item was silver or gold Plated, and it was the silver or the gold bit that was next to the skin, now they don't even bother telling us it's plated. I've just seen a demo in which Peter Simon was flogging a rather nasty gent's bracelet (It must be his own as he's a rather nasty gent!) 14 carat gold...Once during the painfully long presentation did he say that it's "Geniune 14 carat gold pla....voice tails off to an incoherent slur, and picks back up again to finish the sentence! Disgusting- about 412 people paid 14.51 for that heap of sh*te, there's sure gonna be some green coloured wrists around at the end of the month when the plating starts to wear off!
I've also noticed that another stunt they've started to pull, is when an item of jewellery comes up that's pure costume jewellery (not plated,just coloured gold) They just call it gold throughout the presentation, they don't say "plated" 'cause it isn't, and the written description doesn't mention the word gold at all, it might say something like filigree bracelet, hoop earrings, and as stupid as it sounds, I'd bet that a few mug punters have bought, thinking they're buying precious metal. They also name drop a lot, they'll be selling a hideous Tommy and Kate reject, (you can see the stitching's substandard from the close ups) and they'll say oooh it's very Zara, very French connection, where could you buy a french connection dress for 14.99? By which time somebody who's not exactly "on the ball" has committed themselves to pay 24.51 to find out that it's not from Bid.tv!!!

I will be interested to see how they continue to try and hoodwink the viewers in the light of all the complaints they've had upheld. But hey, isn't it terrible that a company's Raison d'etre seems to be to try and come up with as many new ways in which to fool it's potential customers in to buying their products? What's wrong with striving to provide us with quality goods, for reasonable prices and good customer service?

09-12-2012, 09:32 PM
Bid TV are crooks, certainly. Unfortunately the ASA is somewhat toothless.

Price Plunge
09-12-2012, 10:11 PM
Well they've increased the size of the P&P and phone call charge displays on-screen, are banned from saying "We've made a mistake" when dropping the price AND subsequently dropping the price AGAIN (meaning that it wasn't a mistake in the first place) as well as several other things the ASA have told them not to do again, so hopefully they will be boxed into a corner at which point they will either be forced to increase the genuine value of the products they sell or go bust.

bilky asko
13-12-2012, 12:37 AM
Bid TV are crooks, certainly. Unfortunately the ASA is somewhat toothless.

You say that, but they helped close down Auction World.TV. The more people complain, the higher the chance they'll be more severely reprimanded.