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cheeky chappie
02-01-2013, 02:29 PM
... would these channels still exist / be viable for their owners?

have never bought from any shopping channel but confess to channel hopping on to them when nothing else to watch, I think I find them so bad they're good if that makes sense?

I get fed up hearing statements like 'it's a better buy to you ...' or 'we're losing money on this...' as I suspect, if they're telling the truth they mean on the basic cost of the item, however with the p&p and phone call profit added they'll be in profit (however small) otherwise it simply wouldn't be possible for them to operate!

I also noticed the words 'per item' appear under the 7.99 p&p graphic on bid ... for a day or so ... then it disappeared again. am I right in thinking they were maybe slapped on the wrist by some sort of broadcasting body and told to put the 'per item' on the screen?

on the subject of p&p, 7.99 may be reasonable value on larger/heavier items however on something like a 2.99 bracelet? I don't think so. and if you were to multi-buy up to 9 of these bracelets, am I right in thinking that would be 71.91 p&p??? for 9 x cheap/tacky items that have cost you 26.91 (in this example) do they really have the gall to charge all that p&p PER ITEM?!?

as I say I enjoy watching the channels in-between proper telly (whatever that is these days!) but the bid group really do take the proverbial in my opinion.

02-01-2013, 03:17 PM
Hi cheeky chappie and welcome.
You're absolutely right, some of their techniques are dubious to say the least and some others are downright dodgy!
Stick with us and have a laugh!

02-01-2013, 03:49 PM
Yes it's 1.53 per call and 7.99 per item. Regardless of the size of the product you buy.

Rip-off merchants, the lot of them.