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27-01-2014, 06:50 PM
Over the beauty weekend, I began to regard the Perricone range with a new found enthusiasm. The OTO I have ordered on waitlist (may yet cancel), and the anti aging kit for 120 was, I thought, good vfm for such a premium range. As with Clogau, and SBC, sometimes the vendor's own website has better offers than those on QVC, depending what you want. Perricone's official site have a 20% off deal until 28/01 and, when you place an order, you get the choice of a sample product, and free delivery. I need a cleanser, and ordered the hypoallergenic cleanser and chose a 15ml pot of face finishing moisturiser gratis. Total cost 27.20. Excellent buy. If I like the range, then I might buy a future tsv from the Q.

31-01-2014, 02:12 PM
I've changed my mind about this range, and the company. Lwt mw fill you in; I placed an order on 27/01 via paypal, and completed the transaction. I received an email from perricone md uk, saying I had items in my basket, and was there a problem. Of course, as far as I was aware, the payment had gone through and, if the order hadn't I wouldn't get 20% off, and would be paying for an orderI wasn't going to receive. As I did not want to 'return to basket' and, perhaps, place and receive a duplicate order, I emailed the company. Two days later, no reply. I contacted them again, still no reply. As I was beginning to worry about the whole mess, I telephoned. The lady found two people with the same name as I and asked me to hold the line. Ten minutes later and she still could not tell me if any money had been taken from my card. I stressed that there was no way I wanted the order now, and was not impressed by the customer service. She will look into it, and call me back. I'm not holding my breath on that one. Checking paypal, I haven't got the transaction listed, so I don't think they have taken payment but, surely, she should be able to tell me that?
I will never do business with such an amateurish, inept company, or purchase from their range. I think I've had a lucky escape.