View Full Version : Kipling summer bags and purses up to 50% off

Totally Loopy Lou
30-05-2014, 01:20 AM
Just spotted that amazon have a sale of up to 50% off summer Kipling purses, wallets and bags on ATM. I don't 'get' the appeal of Kipling at all I'm afraid but I know they're very popular so hopefully they'll be something here for your hols (and of course they are free pandp unlike qvc!)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_pg_2?rh=n%3A355005011%2Cn%3A%21425627031%2C n%3A%21425629031%2Cn%3A4605348031%2Cp_6%3AA3P5ROKL 5A1OLE&page=2&bbn=4605348031&sort=price-asc-rank&ie=UTF8&qid=1401412131