View Full Version : Porn on Shop on TV Sky EPG 659

16-02-2009, 08:41 AM
I was flabbergasted to find Porn on this Shopping Channel at Midnight on Saturday Night, I actually cringed to find a topless girl in a very suggestive pose.

Who the heck would put this on in the Shopping Channels section. I know this has happened before but it's not nice to see when you are flicking through the Shopping Channels.

I even got embarrased by this.


16-02-2009, 08:47 AM
I'll make a note of that :e016:

Were there any men involved Babs?

16-02-2009, 09:12 AM
no men Momma, well not when i was flicking thru' the channels the other night (not that late either) when i nearly had my eye poked out by one of the 'beautiful' ladies.

i would imagine their poses have the desired effect on the men watching, but my, they don't seem to have been anywhere near the front of the 'pretty' queue...

edit: just to add, i believe we're all different & beauty is more than skin deep etc., but really, for a job like this?!
i sat there transfixed for a few seconds, then changed channels feeling very 'dirty' (& really not in a nice way aka Ms Aguileira(sp). ewwww, very degrading...

Beady Belle
16-02-2009, 10:05 AM
I thought there were dedicated channels for that sort of thing!!! Bit off having it amongst the shopping channels, I expect a few channel hoppers got more than they bargained for!


28-03-2009, 12:39 AM
One late night when in the bath, my daughters came running up squeeling with laughter that after flicking through Sky they saw women on the telephone in tiny bras and very small pants (their words not mine) and one was moving herh ips from side to side and looked like she was doing an "invisible" poo and it had stuck to her and she kept trying to shake it off...(again, their words not mine) they were in hysterics and I asked what on earth thye were doing on the channel and they told me they had flicked through the shopping channels and it was one of them..... so it happens but I cant remeber what the channel number was.... I remember it was somthing to do with calling in to speak to these women on the phone and they were doing the imaginery actions of well "you know what......" it was ridiculous more than anything and the women were not from the prettiest part of town,