Gentleman Crafter goes on the road to raise funds for Mind Charity

John Bloodworth, also known as ‘Gentleman Crafter’, will be setting off on Monday 25th April on a one-man tour of all 92 historic UK counties, crafting with communities along the way in a bid to raise £20,000 in aid of Mind, a UK-based registered mental health charity.

Sponsored by Create and Craft TV, John will live and travel in a motorhome, visiting craft groups, organising workshops and sharing his crafting knowledge, all while promoting Mind.

John (42) has suffered periods of severe depression and anxiety disorder in his life and has found Mind to be a valuable resource in understanding his condition and finding ways to move forward in life.

He said: “A year ago I hit rock-bottom and suffered an extended period where my mental health difficulties began emerging as physical symptoms such as shaking, sweating and being short of breath.”

“Fortunately, I discovered the Mind website and was able to identify why this might be happening and different ways in which I could tackle these issues. I went to my doctor and, after a discussion about the options available, we agreed on a course of action. I was initially prescribed medication which would have the benefit of reducing my overall distress and thereby provide the space in which to seek further support from local talking therapy services. My recovery was then monitored by my GP who recommended adjustments as time progressed.”

Over a period of time, John reached a point where he could look back and understand what had happened to him… and now he wants to reach out and help others.

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    Am I mistaken but didn't Victoria Burton/Norris marry a producer on Rocks and Co? Isn't that a conflict of interests.In the old days, I used to be an avid Rocks TV fan but when I flick through Rocks TV, Gems TV and disappointingly now on Gem Collector(and that will probably start selling tookaloon soon at a clearance price!) , it is all the same old same old jewellery . And don't get me started of the unacceptable delay on refunds. (good luck to those who may return things back at the end of January and will probably get a refund in March). The presenters with Coloured Rocks with the exception of Matt & Barry..........fry my brains and are very 'economical with the truth' and so take us all for fools . So although I haven't bought from Rocks and Co , I watch them because the jewellery isn't so same old same old and I can watch John Scott & Gerri Lee

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    First of all, can I just say hi to everyone. I have been viewing this site for a number of years now and only just joined as I wanted to make some of my opinions on this subject be known.

    Back in the old Gems TV days, I was lucky enough to be invited up to the studio in Redditch and meet not only Steve Bennett but also Theo Van Dort and a number of the presenting team including Nick Davies, Steve Ashton, and Victoria Norris (Burton). The reason for the visit was to try and find out more about a career in front of the camera unfortunatly at the time being early twenties, it was thought I would be to young to be taken seriously, (as im 30 next year might be worth trying again!!!)

    Anyway to stop rambling the reason I wanted to post was because of the negative comments towards one Victoria Norris. As I mentioned above, I was lucky enough to meet Victoria and she was an extremely pleasent and lovely young woman, who couldnt do enough to help me whilst I was there. She was very down to earth, extremely gracious and very talkative, but also very intelligent.

    When you go on air in this genre of television you have to be first and foremost a salesman, its no different to when you go to a car showroom and the salesman walks over and tries to force you into purchasing a top of the range model which you dont need and cant really afford, its like going into PC World and having a member of staff hassle you to buy a top of the range PC, its what they do and what they are paid to do. Victoria is no different she is paid to go out there and "sell" the jewellery that the Bennetts give her to sell. Does she have her own style of course she does and there is nothing wrong with that. If all presenters on Rocks / Gems came out and presented in the same style then we all would be complaining saying that the show is boring.

    So what if Victoria made some comments concerning Gems products when she left, its business, its what you do in this world (whether you like it or not). She had to put her own product (that being Rocks and Co) ahead of any personal feelings she may have had towards Gems TV.

    Now bear in mind that this would not impact Steve because of the fact that he left the company before Vicky did. What I can confirm is that Steve and Theo both said to me back in that meeting, that when Vicky came on air the sales did spike up, and thats because shes popular with the viewers.

    We all make mistakes in this world, we all do things in our careers which we may not be proud of, but we dont go on a public forum and attack someone for doing it, we really should give the girl a break.

    It takes a lot of guts to go back to a company which you previously worked for, let alone go back to one which you have criticised. But if Steve Bennett and the rest of the Gems TV can welcome her back then surely we can do to.

    I do wonder if I will be flamed for this post and this may be my last post here on the forum, so thank you for reading and I welcome any comments.

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    So was the story of Victoria and her hubby going to America put out there as a smoke screen to trick her ex employees?


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