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Thread: Glenn Lehrer Ring with Photos

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    Feb 2010
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    Default Glenn Lehrer Ring with Photos

    I promised to post photos and a review of my ring when it arrived so here goes!



    1. The cutting is really gorgeous and the topaz performs well in all lighting conditions (inside with lights and outside in daylight)
    2. The colour of the blue topaz is very very very lovely
    3. The design is incredibly pretty - simple but makes the gemstone the centre piece.


    1. The goldwork is very very lightweight.
    2. The ring is incredibly high (not sure why because it could be made lower without impacting the perfomance/style. It may put people off I think although this doesn't bother me and I quite like it (it's only in with the negs because others may not like it).
    3. The cost -v- goldweight/gemstone
    4. The bottom side of the topaz is cut slightly to one side - you can see it in the photos. I don't know if that will bug me.
    5. Will have to have it re-sized. It's an N-O but feels huge!

    I had initially ordered an Amethyst and also the Blue Topaz version so I could compare but after speaking with Gemcherub and hearing that her Amethyst was very pale, it put me off (plus I have a number of very good Amethyst rings so another "purple" probably wasn't wise).

    I really really really really wanted to hate the ring because of the cost. I understand that these have a craftsmen element to them and that's essentially what you're buying but in the back of my head I've got my conscience screaming "it's an irradiated blue topaz - what are you thinking woman"! The problem with me is that as a collector of gemstones I know their value and I understand the cost of making pieces but I still can't get beyond the 299 price tag! If it were a natural blue topaz (which it isn't) I think I could forgive it a bit but it's not.

    So, ladies and gents, does it look nice enough on my hand to keep? I'm going to bombard you with photos and would love your HONEST feedback please. Although feedback about my old lady hands or rubbish nail varnish can be highly dishonest! These first lot are all taken inside with the lights on.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus1.jpg 
Views:	393 
Size:	31.2 KB 
ID:	7641Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus2.jpg 
Views:	409 
Size:	34.0 KB 
ID:	7642Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus3.jpg 
Views:	368 
Size:	28.4 KB 
ID:	7643Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus4.jpg 
Views:	364 
Size:	26.6 KB 
ID:	7644
    Last edited by Meeshoo; 16-03-2012 at 02:23 PM.

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    Feb 2010
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    These ones are taken outside in natural daylight. Ignore the fact that the diamond looks off centre in the first photo, it's just the angle of the photo.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus8 outside.jpg 
Views:	243 
Size:	34.1 KB 
ID:	7647Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus6 outside.jpg 
Views:	233 
Size:	32.7 KB 
ID:	7645Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Topaz Torus7 outside.jpg 
Views:	244 
Size:	29.6 KB 
ID:	7646

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    WOW!! that ring looks fab in all lights Meeshoo but i can see what you mean by it sticking up too high and could be lowered

    overall i love it on your fingers and it looks very pretty

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    I think more or less that same as you (funny that lol) Its lovely and does suit you but I found it to be to high for me personally but at least you didn't get free chips!
    At the end of the day will you wear it? will you just forget about it if you return it? would you be happier to hold out until end may to get either a rhodolite garnet, aquamarine or peridot in a lower setting?
    Also if the cut is off I think you won't be able to put that out of your mind.

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    The blue topaz is a very bold striking colour but the height of it may be a bit much but having said that I like the overall designe
    I went for the Amethyst ring and pendant in yellow gold but the amethyst was quite pale and basically I did'nt fall in love with either piece like I thought I would and for the price I decided to send mine back I'm not sure why the ring was 349 and the pendant 299 when in other stones they were considerably cheaper but as I decided to return them it's not important I suppose .I like you appreciate the workmanship in the cutting etc and perhapes in a different stone/colour I may order one again in the future
    If you like yours I'd say keep it as it looks lovely on your hand .

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    Jun 2009
    Fareham, Hampshire
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    I think it looks stunning on you, but at the end of the day if you are thinking the negatives outweigh the good then maybe send it back.

    PJ. xx

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?1vvbsa
    Calling all Mike Mason fans: Mikes autobiography "Hair today, gone tomorrow" will be exclusively sold on Bid soon. Written with his own crayons this is a warts and all tale of an electrician come good. The front artwork is done by Stephen Gayford and the audiobook is read by Sally Jaxx. You don't have to download it, just email her and she wil start reading it wherever she is, you will hear just fine.

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    Jun 2008
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the review and all the piccies Meesh. The blue Topaz pieces we were shown on TV seem to be a bit of a wishy washy blue and I did wonder how they justified the extra cost compared to the Citrine. So it's good to see such a stunning shade of blue in your ring which makes the TorusRing cut so much more visible and defined.

    This ring is definitely a statement piece, more likely for occasional wear and more importantly also has the cachet of being 'very different' and unusual. For a collector like yourself, I would think this is where the attraction lies...in the uniqueness of a piece. Plus I also think the blue really suits you and I am glad you have chosen the white gold metal.....but that's another story. I hope it's a keeper for you.

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    Feb 2010
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    This is where my head's at .............

    I was expecting a wishy washy blue and this certainly isn't (which has made my decision very difficult)!

    I was expecting a heavier gold weight - which has disappointed me (the shank is almost but not quite, hollow).

    I love the overall look and it performs really well.

    Hubby has just said it looks like a toy ring (eeeeek!)

    This is the sort of ring I would wear every day in the summer when wearing blue (but probably wouldn't be an evening out ring).


    The last line is my problem. If it were 100 cheaper then it would be a no brainer but 300? Seriously? Ok, I know you'll think "why did you order it then" but I was honestly intrigued to see the cut and that outweighed the cost. Now it's in my hand, the cost has become foremost in my mind i.e. can I justify 300 for a Topaz. I'm thinking "no" and wish I hated it but I don't!!!!!

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    Lovely ring Meeshoo, but the setting is too high for my liking. I can see you love the design and the colour and it definately suits you, but have to agree with you that it is pricy.

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    May 2011
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    Can I be a fly in the ointment Meesh and say I don't like it at all?? Tbh I don't like any of the Lehrer designs as the Torus cut is far too contrived for my liking. Imho the Topaz is waaaayy too blue which makes it look artificial, and finally the setting is ridiculousy high. Sorry hon but you did ask for honest opinions. *ducks*

    P.S. I have to agree with your OH on this one.

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