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Thread: Gosbee and Kent Jewellery BS from Russell

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    Default Gosbee and Kent Jewellery BS from Russell

    Apparently according to James Russell, they are top jewellery designers who Sit up were very lucky to deal with exclusively as there was a lot of competition for their products. Tara Gosbee (who is now the 5th generation of her family working in jewellery design- so her family have been in this industry for over 100 years) and Rachel Kent who is also a top jewellery designer in her own right.

    The only problem with this story is that same as the Christin Lars nothing comes up on google searches for Tara Gosbee and Rachel Kent jewellery designers. They have no website or registered company that I could find. There is only one person named Tara Gosbee in this country who lives in Kent.

    Are they made up names?

    It looks like another BS story from Russell. Can anyone shed light on this?

    My reason for exposing Bid TV BS is it may help them to start being more truthful in the future or maybe a Sit up employee can tell us that Gosbee and Kent are real people in jewellery design. Come on Peter Sherlock - do tell!
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    I still can't believe there are folk out there who fall for all the lies?

    Christin Lars - all made up. Russell even calls him 'Christian'!
    Kind of reminds me of that bloke who came upto me whilst on holiday and offered me a gold 'Rolex' whilst I was busy eating my prawn cocktail.

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    Just tell yourself that everything that comes out of Russell's mouth is total bullshit and you can't go wrong. Then just sit back and laugh at the stupid twat!!

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