I want this X5! Is this any good for the kitchen and bathroom cleaning?

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    Question I want this X5! Is this any good for the kitchen and bathroom cleaning?

    I bought a house recently but there are lots of cleaning and maintenance needed, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. After watching TV, I really want to buy the H2O Mop X5. I did some research on this product and there are pros and cons. http://housewares.seasonaldeals.com/...5-in-1-reviews

    Not too many people reviewed this product for cleaning kitchen and bathroom. Does anyone have this product? I want this so bad but I don't have money right now. I'm saving for Christmas..

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    Er, I wouldn't if I were you. They clean absolutely brilliantly and then, without warning, two of mine have failed within a week. One was a replacement for the other, took an age to arrive, and died after five days. Just like the original one did.

    So yes, a 1500 watt steam cleaner is very good at what it says it does on the tin. But, rubbish build quality.

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    I had one and it worked great for about 2 years but has now given up the will to steam.
    But having said that I WILL be buying a new one once I have enough money.
    Which gave it a best buy award over lots of other steam cleaner and if you shop around it isn't that expensive.
    So I would say give it a go, you can always send it on to me if you don't get along with it!!

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