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    Lisa Riley’s Back and Better Than Ever With Her Brand New Autumn Clothing Line, Exclusively at Ideal World

    We’re excited to announce that TV favourite and Loose Women panellist Lisa Riley is returning to Ideal World with style to unveil her brand new autumn clothing line.

      After winning multiple plus size awards, Lisa decided to launch her own clothing label ‘Just Be You’ exclusively with Ideal World to overcome the disappointment in styles previously offered to her. After sharing her amazing weight loss journey with the nation, Lisa created her collection of clothing and garments to make you feel “confident, sexy and beautiful.”

    The TV favourite says “Of all my collections with Ideal World, this is by far my ultimate favourite. I feel the fabrics, colours and the unique “me” style comes across 100%. It is fashion for everyone. I hope you love it as much as I do!”

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      Post Disenchanted with JM

      Hi everyone, this is my first post, so please be gentle. I have recently become very disnechanted with JM. The post fiasco, the shouty presenters, the interminable 'demos' the same old same old, the change in the format of the kits, the constant referral to carats instead of mm and of course, who can forget the 'exciting' new studio and constant reference to building works fiasco. I have been a jewellery maker myself for over 8 years and earn my living at it. If I were to treat my customers as idiots, I would have starved long ago! They might learn a thing or two about presentation, postage and giving information if they, dare I say, refer themselves to Creat & Craft and create and image of professionalism instead of the 'I'm on the tv to amuse myself and my friends' sort of thing we have at the moment. Sorry, that went a bit ranty didn't it. I'll get better.

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      I think many of the presenter problems you are describing (validly in my opinion) can be explained by the notion that channels like this will generally only be able to attract presenters that will apply to be on jm tv just to be on tv... they have no genuine interest or knowledge on what they are selling, so they have to fill the time by talking about something they do know (themselves)

      they then use this to try and build a fanbase to bring with them if they ever move higher up the selly telly food chain.

      the people that suffer are the customer.

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      ''now that's a lot of great sound, I know great sound''

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      Welcome to all the Newbies.
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