I have always supported this channel but never again, they have the worst customer service that I have experienced in the 12 years of running this site.

I purchased a watch just before Christmas, it keeps losing time everyday, I thought no problem with Shopping Telly, so I asked for a refund, first of all the Customer Services would have IMO trouble knowing what day it was let alone help any Customer. She kept telling me about the 14 days to return it, I kept saying it was faulty, I just gave up in the end. I was then phoned by a Customer Services manager who was reading from the same script, although she said she would have a word with "The Watch Commander", yes I know what a stupid name, anyway he agreed to give me a credit note but not a refund. OK maybe I am too hot headed but I have no intention of ever shopping with V Channel again so a credit note is not what I wanted.

Rant Over!