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    Ideal World Welcomes Celebrity Paul Ross as Guest Presenter

    Well known for his appearance on many TV and radio shows over the decades, Paul canít wait to take centre stage and present his favourite products to you!

    Weíre sure you are as excited as we are to welcome our new guest presenter Paul Ross to the Ideal World team. With decades of experience in the industry and after appearing on many TV shows including ITVís This Morning and The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Paul will bring some showbiz to the home of television shopping.

    Paul canít wait to get started on the show and deliver fantastic offers straight to your front room. ďIím utterly thrilled to be joining the top team of presenters on my favourite shopping channel. Itís been my guilty secret for ages! Iíve been a viewer and buyer for many years too and love their market beating offers on stonking products. Iíd love viewers to join me at the weekends when Iíll bring them my fresh shopping selectionĒ.

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      Default TJC Buyers & Gem Experts are NOT better than their Presenters

      TJC are increasingly using the presenter with buyer/gem expert format. This is fine when the buyer/expert is enhancing the presentation by adding their insights. However, on TJC the buyers have come to dominate proceedings and are really spoiling the buying experience.

      Amit used to be charming when he first appeared on screen as support to the presenters. But now he dominates the presenters when he's on. Megalomaniacly shouting over them and interuppting them at every turn. Reducing them to nothing more than nodding dogs. It's horrible. They wait patiently for a chance to get a word in, but no, Amit wants his time in front of the camera. Greedily, saving the best deals for himself. The only one he doesn't interrupt is Chloe.

      Same goes for that new gem expert. He's simply not a presenter, but he doesn't care. He talks tediously and goes on and on and on. There's no vocal variety in his voice at all. I bet he thinks he's better at presenting than the presenter he's on with. Constantly starting his sentences with 'Look...'.

      I don't get why TJC sideline their presenters in this way. I cringe when I see the presenters trying to maintain an air of professionalism when their role has been diminished.

      Amit, Zha-zha and Tenner if you're listening, add your insights, but please let the presenters do their job.
      - Put your egotism aside and think about how you're coming across on tv.

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      Exactly. People like Lucy and Rachel are good because they give added value to the hour with lots of background, and each time they introduce a new piece they tell you the inspiration for it and how it was made, but to have someone screeching like a banshee at you, while a poor presenter stands there as though wishing the ground would open up and swallow them, is embarrassing IMO. It now resembles walking down a market past stalls where the stallholder is trying desperately to grab you and make you buy something. These buyers are just hard sellers, they have no charisma at all. I like Vicki Browne, and admire her for being such a courageous lady for coming back after being so ill, and I feel so sorry for her with one of those 2 shouting over her. Go back to your buying, Buyers, for heaven's sake, and let the presenter do the job they're paid to do![

      QUOTE=Enigma;846314]The only reason you need someone else on is to explain products in more detail than the presenter. This makes sense with Alicia Douvall, or Lucy Q and Rachel Galley, since it's their products being sold and they can explain the ethos behind their ranges.

      But what purpose does having a buyer on screen provide? Especially for jewellery that's more metalwork than jewels (and not always non-base metalwork either) because prices skyrocketed in the last recession?[/QUOTE]

      › See More: TJC Buyers & Gem Experts are NOT better than their Presenters

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      I've only started watching TJC over recent months . I tend to channel hop between the three jewellery channels & QVC searching for something of interest to me , but not necessarily to buy anything . One of my favourite presenters is Chloe . She looks really great with her new hair do . She seems very knowledgeable & experienced without doing lots of shouting .
      I find that I am learning quite a bit from the buyers / gem hunters . I do wonder, however, if some of the sessions are too long / tiring for the presenters to give of their best for the whole time .
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