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    Ideal World Welcomes Celebrity Paul Ross as Guest Presenter

    Well known for his appearance on many TV and radio shows over the decades, Paul canít wait to take centre stage and present his favourite products to you!

    Weíre sure you are as excited as we are to welcome our new guest presenter Paul Ross to the Ideal World team. With decades of experience in the industry and after appearing on many TV shows including ITVís This Morning and The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Paul will bring some showbiz to the home of television shopping.

    Paul canít wait to get started on the show and deliver fantastic offers straight to your front room. ďIím utterly thrilled to be joining the top team of presenters on my favourite shopping channel. Itís been my guilty secret for ages! Iíve been a viewer and buyer for many years too and love their market beating offers on stonking products. Iíd love viewers to join me at the weekends when Iíll bring them my fresh shopping selectionĒ.

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    Thread: Steve McDonald

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      Default Steve McDonald

      How the mighty have fallen even further

      Even what hair he had as left him in embarrassment.

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      Steve McDonald
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      I would argue acting in a mainstream advert for a huge company like ladbrokes is a big step up from BID TV and QVC. Steve is clearly moving upwards, where as you seem to be rooted in exactly the same spot

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      Steve McDonald

      I would say he is on a nice little earner, good luck to him....
      Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

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      I think he has 'toned down' since the demise of Bid, even on Q whilst he does have the banter going especially with Jilly Haliday, he doesn't seem to be as energetic. I must say I prefer the 'toned down' version and like others have said good luck to him. Main TV is better than the likes of Ideal World where most of his former colleagues seemed to have ended up.

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      I hope Steve is okay, he used to be fun to watch till the bid channel went belly up and changed to sell at all costs! I would like to think his conscience is stopping his return to selly telly as most of the selly people, and I use the term "people", loosely are ex bid mob, and dragging IW down, and are making the channel a joke. No I don't watch to much these days, and I have to say I am feeling a lot better for it. Just saw the start of Hayley with the scarf stuff, what is it with the hands, they frighten me, all that waving. Glad it's not 3D TV.
      Why are we still watching this tripe? Busiest part of the show, (SHOW?... Ha), meltdown, web, baskets, right. I will resist, must resist, Oooooooh boy do I need a holiday!
      I never drink alcohol before 1 pm, surely it must be 1 pm somewhere in the World. Cheers!

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