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    Quote Originally Posted by historymystery View Post
    Afraid that two in-house presenters on TJC is one too many. They either continually talk over each other or one stands there like a spare part saying nowt and it's usually the presenter who says nowt, not the buyer. Amit totally takes over, and how the presenters put up with just standing there never ceases to amaze me. Cut out the 10 million price drops, totally boring, and cut to the chase. They seem to assume everyone has unlimited time to watch while they reduce the price by 10p every 15 minutes.
    Because the presenters are freelance salespeople, and they all seem to do something else on the side that appears to be their main job, or they seem happy to work part-time hours due to motherhood, partner earning a good salary etc. I doubt they have the kind of power that they like to say they have: you know, the "I'm not running this!" or "I've reduced this by 2.00 more than I should! I'll be in trouble tomorrow!" They're paid whether a buyer is there or not, so I suppose they're not bothered by it. Is just the viewers that get bored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VapidStoat View Post
    Nope, Amit just bores everyone senseless.

    As for Lindsay's guest, it was Lucy Quartermain she was on with, not Giuseppe Perez
    Well let's say she has form as she deffo did it when she was presenting with GP.

    I don't generally watch Lucy Q shows.

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