Did anyone like the contents of their mystery bags? Chloe was selling them with promises that they were all going to be good stuff, every one containing a 50ml Argan oil plus a scarf and a piece of jewellery, and she showed lots of examples of what was going to be in them, all very acceptable. I bought three,believing what was said, that the contents would make nice gifts. The Argan oil bottles were not in their boxes but wrapped in a bit of bubblewrap, one "scarf" was an irregular bit of fabric,raw edges all round and misprinted. Another was a weird thing with bits of fringe stitched on at random and blobs of dye looking like an ink rag and the third was a knitted cloth with buttons down the edge and buttonholes opposite-- no idea what it was meant to be .The jewellery was either cheap tat of the kind that you would find at a fairground or substandard ---for instance, there was a stretchable pearl bracelet with not enough beads so there was bare elastic. I certainly wouldn't insult any friend or relation with a "gift"like these, so I returned them.What a shame that TJC would do this. Their stuff is usually good quality and good value for money, but these mystery bags were awful and must have done a lot of damage to their reputation, especially as they looked to be selling thousands of them.