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    Price Crash is back from 9pm tonight!

    It has created a stir on social media over the past few weeks and tonight is the night... Price Crash returns to TV after a near 10-year absence from your screens.

    Its return is brought to you by On Air Media who are responsible for producing various shopping channels including (Sky 680) and (Sky 669). The majority of the On Air Media team worked on the original Price Crash and have the blessing of its creator and shopping TV legend, David Ades.

    Derek Marks who was one of the original Price Crash presenters said: “it seems this is the era of great nostalgia returning to our TV screens so I am really excited to be part of this Price Crash reboot. We really believe that no one is doing what we have planned for everyone watching at home. We have some great deals and products that haven’t been on shopping TV for years!”.

    Price Crash originally ran from 2004 to 2008 and became infamous for its fun and quirky deals including Buy One Get One Free .....

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      Lol! Oh donna, you do make me laugh - this is such an apt description of her and that ruddy hair that she constantly twists around her fingers! And the splayed fingers pushed at us remind me of Freddy Kruger.

      Quote Originally Posted by donna255 View Post
      Adina, wiggle giggle play with hair which always seem to look like she has playing in a wind tunnel. Breathless, I sometimes wonder if she cannot finish sentences because she is asthmatic and run of of breath?

      A friend likes to watch usually during the day, I see at the weekends if at her place. Talk for 15 minutes at lease before actually starting to sell something, endless ad breaks of the same thing over and over and over. I get the idea they only have like 5 things to sell an hour as they talk so much in-between. The same items appearing again and again each week, when they said the week before it was the last of the stock.

      I have some lovely pieces bought years back which I still wear, those days long gone.

      › See More: Yet another presenter leaving Gemporia - Rae Carpenter
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      In my opinion, the worse the products (a channel offers) get, the more desperate (shouty) the presenters tend to be... to try and offload it.
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      ''now that's a lot of great sound, I know great sound''

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      Completely agree. Bought most items 3 to 4 years ago. Two recent purchases have been from "old" stock and great. I've posted on Feefo that the g weight of the gold items has plummeted. Some reviews of Thomas Rae 18k & Lorique are quite disturbing (for those of us who bought in the earlier years). One customer posted that they were refused a ring resize because there wasn't enough gold in the band - on a Lorique! I now ALWAYS look at the setting & g weight to get an idea of how thin the band will be. You can't set a 10x8 gem with accent stones in 1.59g of metal & expect people to be happy - especially as the declared weight is an average across all sizes!

      To see Steve B present an item recently almost entirely using the VT in the light box was a shock to me. It just said "we're hiding something". There is also far too much coated or reconstituted stock now, which is fine but I decided ages ago that those two treatments were not for me. And don't get me started on their diamonds. I have some good I3 pieces with SGL certs but I won't touch anything with diamonds now. Setting I3, I-J, single cut diamonds in anything is no different to buying takes in my view.

      As for presenters, well when Scott left I thought something was up. I liked Rae a lot too. Ellis is absolutely fine. I can't handle Adina, Rosie or Kate so watch more Lounge - sorry - Outlet now.

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