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    Ideal World announces
    UK Launch of Moppy by Polti

    Ideal World is delighted to announce the arrival of Moppy by Polti a brand new cleaning system designed to make your cleaning life easier. Making its UK debut live on Ideal World TV at 10pm on Thursday 22nd June, Moppy will launch for the exclusive price of 99.99 (usual price 129.99) to celebrate its arrival!

    With its double clean function as a dust sweeper and also as a hygienic cleaner, Moppy removes dirt and bacteria from all surfaces including floors and vertical surfaces too. Using the hot steam charged cloths, which are easy to remove and wash, Moppy is 99.9% effective at removing 4 main types of bacteria, including E.Coli due to the unique material of the microfiber cloths - making your cleaning routine thorough and quick too.

    Lightweight and portable, this cordless floor cleaner has extra manoeuvrability with its 360 degree rotation. Combined with its flat and flexible shape and head, Moppy can reach virtually anywhere! And its ready in ten seconds too for a speedy clean when you need it most.

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    Thread: Annoying idents

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      Default Annoying idents

      Why the HELL do they keep playing that annoying 4-second ident that sounds like lips kissing, followed by a 4-note sting? Every time they cut to an ad break it's "da, do, deeeeeee, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Then then play it when they resume programming. It's just so annoying. I hate this trend.

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      You don't have to watch it, I don't any more
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      It's never too late to learn something new

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      I don't watch, just hop on for a minute, or less, you catch a lot that annoys you in that minute, or less.

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