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    Ideal World announces
    UK Launch of Moppy by Polti

    Ideal World is delighted to announce the arrival of Moppy by Polti a brand new cleaning system designed to make your cleaning life easier. Making its UK debut live on Ideal World TV at 10pm on Thursday 22nd June, Moppy will launch for the exclusive price of 99.99 (usual price 129.99) to celebrate its arrival!

    With its double clean function as a dust sweeper and also as a hygienic cleaner, Moppy removes dirt and bacteria from all surfaces including floors and vertical surfaces too. Using the hot steam charged cloths, which are easy to remove and wash, Moppy is 99.9% effective at removing 4 main types of bacteria, including E.Coli due to the unique material of the microfiber cloths - making your cleaning routine thorough and quick too.

    Lightweight and portable, this cordless floor cleaner has extra manoeuvrability with its 360 degree rotation. Combined with its flat and flexible shape and head, Moppy can reach virtually anywhere! And its ready in ten seconds too for a speedy clean when you need it most.

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      I quite like her voice, however she does seem like she fishes for compliments quite a bit. I understand that she has had issues with her weight and that she works in quite a visual medium that is undoubtedly full of shallow egos and backstabbing. Maybe she derives some sense of self-worth / validation from the compliments she gets. I think it's nice when someone pays an unsolicited compliment as they are genuinely more sincere. A couple of days ago two different people said I had amazing skin. That meant a lot to me as I had terrible problems with my skin when I was younger and it took a long time to get it sorted. I know it's only superficial but when I was at school the comments and judgements were very hurtful. Someone once even left a bottle of Clearasil lotion on my desk. When I look back on it all I think that the main problem with my skin wasn't the spots or the oil, my skin wasn't thick enough to protect me from their ill-informed comments. I had the last laugh at my school reunion, though. Hahahahahahaha!!! You should have seen them! One guy called Ricky said: "Time has been very kind to you," to which I replied: "I could say the same of you...but I'd be lying!" and walked off.

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      I saw her recently definitely drawing attention to herself. Her hair was all scraped back in a ponytail which definitely did not suit her and she was a ridiculous shade of orange. I mean why make yourself that colour? It was fake (obviously) but she kept saying what a fab product it was and how it made you have such a great tan. It didn't. It made you look like you'd been painted with chili sauce.

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