Thortons has left QVC months ago, they said on their Facebook page the brand is no longer sold by them. Well everyone pointed out each show how much cheaper the stuff was in the local supermarket.

Charlie and is diamonique, wear this to the cruise or at the captain's table etc(he did it too when doing clothes shows), never could work out where the hell he got the idea every QVC customer went on cruises?

At the beauty thing didn't people on here say loads all wearing QVC fashion and carrying the Kipling handbags?

Standing in M&S beauty hall with Jabba, we pointed out all the brands that had started on QVC. She had the idea they go to QVC to get sales and customers knowing that the customers will follow when they move on from QVC. Alpha H, Joan Collins, L'Occitane,Leighton Denny,Philip Kingsley,Pixi, Shay & Blue,Emma Hardie all in M&S. Oh not forgetting Ultra Sun sold everywhere these days.

As I have said in a few posts Benefit, I have been told by someone who worked for them. She is now a assistance manager of a shop not selling Benefit but loads of other brands. They can sell more product in one hour on QVC than a whole month from every counter throughout all of Ireland. They love QVC!