I only occasionally now dip into Rocks & Co but I had it on yesterday and could only last about 5 minutes before I had to change the channel. There were 2 presenters on and one of them was Kieran. Someone should really tell him that he doesn't have to SHOUT ALL THE TIME. My ears were ringing after listening to him SCREAM for a few minutes. He banged the table several times too, so hard that the item on screen jumped up and down several times. He got SO LOUD at one time that the sound from his microphone distorted so much and his voice went all funny. Is this REALLY what sells jewellery??? The female presenter (can't remember who she was) was calm compared to him but Kieran really was out of control. I could only suffer him for 5 minutes then I had to change the channel. God alone knows how he expects to have ANY viewers if this is how he presents a show. Sadly this seems to be more the norm now for presenters on jewellery channels. Rocks & Co are not the only ones who seem to encourage their presenters to act like this, the other jewellery channels are all going the same way. It's intensely IRRITATING!