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    Red face New convert to IW

    I have never been a big fan of IW, thought they were a bit of a poor second to Q (sorry!) Have only had a couple of things from them in the past and the first order I had to wait ages for it to arrive. For some reason I had a nose on their website Sunday night and saw some jackets reduced. One was down to 12.99 with 1.99 postage, a lightweight padded jacket, so I took a chance and ordered it, paid an extra pound to have it delivered to my local Asda. I collected it today and am so pleased with it and the service. I can see why some of you do like them now
    So as the saying goes " if you think you know IW,think again!

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    Yes, I know what you mean, with one item number one p&p I can order a couple of tops and send the one I don't want back.........for free. If you ticked boxes what you want a shopping channel to be it would be Ideal World, next day delivery, cheap p&p and free returns yes even if used, and some products so good QVC poached them, and some went back to Ideal World. I've been with them from day one but the last four years they've really upped their game, I bought a lovely top last week delivered for 5.99, so that'll do me. If something is missing from an order, email them and they'll send it out, they don't expect you to return the whole thing, so yes out of the two shopping channels, IW is the best for me, better service, less pretentious.

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