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    I haven't seen much of anything new on IW for ages, and the channel seems to be going downhill, which is a real shame as they started to make a proper comeback against QVC and their dross. But now, it's all the same stuff again. The same old tired garments come round in each fashion show, and I'm sure the world and his wife have the pressure washer and car-cleaning kit, and boring exercise machines which haven't changed in years.
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    They do sell some electrical goods at very keen prices such as Vacuum Cleaners and Kitchen Appliances but they also sell a whole load of well overpriced tatt (and for balance so do QVC). The Watches are utterly exorbitant, in my opinion, and the Technology is pathetic, it really is.

    But jeez the presentation is dreadful, truly dreadful. And it’s getting worse.

    However, for me the worst aspect of this channel is the ‘Usual Price’ drivel. Take this for an example.

    They are selling 3 Pots of Shadazzle (Ding!) for 20 plus a ripoff 5 P&P. However, they are having us believe that the ‘Usual Price’ is 60.

    So for me that either means : -

    1. They are losing a sackful selling 3 Pots for 20 or ......
    2. They are having a giraffe with the 60 ‘Usual Price’

    My money is on Number 2 but please just look at the myriad of confusing pricing for this product. It just sums up the contempt they seem, in my opinion, to have for the viewer.

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    I always forget to make a note of what they reckon a product will go back up in price to, just so that I can later check it on the website.

    Of course, it is usually meaningless anyway, as how many times have they said a fisher price pretend leather chair will go back up to 800 or so, only to have it "on sale" again a week or so later. Same with the ebikes and exercise equipment.
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