Presenters talk a load of tosh

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    Default Presenters talk a load of tosh

    Just watching the Lulu Guinness accessories show with Debbie Flint and the Doll Face Wanda bag came up. Debbie Flint said “ when you use this bag people will stop and talk to you about it, it’s like a club”. What a load of tosh, I bought this bag direct from Lulu Guinness (where it was cheaper) no-one came up to me and asked about it. Most people who did comment on it had NEVER even heard of Lulu Guinness. BTW that wasn’t the reason for buying it.

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    I wore a vintage (old) full length Indigo Moon coat to London a few weeks ago, and honest to God, I actually did have 3 strangers make the effort to speak and compliment me. And no it wasn't laced with sequins or sparkles ! its a fawn colour with huge coloured 60's design felt flowers on it - and it does take courage to wear, believe me - which was why I felt it was ok in London
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