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20-04-2013, 05:01 PM
Has anyone else checked out the USA site? I need some stainless steel cooks essentials pans that the UK site does not have and decided to look to see what was available on the USA site. I could not believe what I found! They have large sets , 10 or 12 pieces, and at hugely lower prices than anything we have ever been offered. :envy:
I dug a little deeper and found many items on their site at considerably lower prices than we are charged.
Looks like we are being ripped off again. :angry:
I contacted QVC to see what they had to say about the vastly superior choice of items and the lower prices. They ignored my comment about the prices all together, and came back with some waffle about different market demands about the product choice. Funny thing is that the small set of pans they do have listed, on waitlist, are marked as 'most wished for' by them. Clearly there isn't that much difference as the label would suggest a big demand that they are not meeting.

Maybe if we all query the price being charged here they might think again and try to achieve something closer to parity.

20-04-2013, 05:27 PM
Hello kelsey great first post. Doesnt surprise me one bit tbh its seems like Qvc usa has alot better stuff than we do

21-04-2013, 05:43 AM
I have had a quick look around but it was mainly to see if I would work out what a Honora TSV might be. I have checked out the QVC Italian site though. I love Easiyo which is not available in France so I order it from QVC UK when there is a reduced postage. Although even if I pay the full postage price a litre of Easiyo still works out cheaper than a litre of yoghurt in the supermarket, plus it is so much nicer.

As QVC Italy has Easiyo, I thought that maybe I could order it through Italy and maybe save on the cost of postage and save on the exchange rate. I do not speak Italian, but with the aid of an online translater, I managed to register and sign up for email alerts for Easiyo and other things that I buy regular.

I really thought I had found a great solution, and then I discovered they only deliver to Italy.