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  • Hi Albeth!
    I don't get a migraine very often luckily & feel sorry for those that do, as they're really foul! A friend of mine's horse dumped her on her head when she was a teenager & even now, in her late 40s, she suffers excruciatingly painful headaches on a daily basis & takes so many tablets for it, she virtually rattles when she walks! I don't know how she copes to be honest! :(

    I rarely wear perfume, although I'd love to, as many of them set me off too, anything too heady does really!
    On a happier note, how's that delightful kitten of yours? Bet he doesn't resemble that avatar pic much now? lol
    kitten xx
    Hi Alice thanks so much for your kind thoughts and your post on the forum. All the messages were lovely. I've been ok today but we are both feeling a bit down as it's affected my husband in the same way. At work all the men have pictures of their wives on their desks but Rob has always had a picture of Katie! It's a horrible sad feeling inside. I will hopefully get another puss in the new year, usually I'd feel excited at the thought but I don't at the moment. Your Bix is gorgeous, big cuddles Andie xx
    Thanks for the email and bix looks so very cute on the window cushion. He really is looking like the Lord of the Manor.
    Would you like me to upload it on a thread for you? xxxxx
    awww how sweet that he loves jelly, any particular flavour? We had a cat that loved cake, especially jam swiss roll!!!!!!
    Have you anymore piccies to share? I would love to see some more of the little angel.
    Thanks Ali Katie and Whiskey are both curled up asleep today. I've asked the vet near me to fax over details of what they've done to Katie to the vet in Billericay where Whiskey is going tomorrow in case there is a connection...although if there was it would probably be FIP and I'd rather not know that. Will update on the thread tomorrow what they say. xx
    Hi Alice
    Thanks for the email of the Meerkats, it was very funny, I loved it.
    How is Bix doing? Is he getting on with the boss lol
    Love Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Im a bit better today hoping that tomorrow will be even better am coughing up yuccky stuff,want to be okay for weekend as am seeing freinds.

    awww bless Bix what a sweetie he is

    Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Allergic to cats? Hee hee, sounds like me - I'm allergic to hay, straw & dust but couldn't imagine a life without the ponies/horses! (I go to the yard armed with inhalers, adrenaline & those horrible masks they sell in B&Q & my OH gets really cross if he finds me messing about in the stables & orders me out.....pronto! lol)
    Glad Bix is settling in & that Suki is happy being No.1 Cat again!
    kitten xx
    Hi Alice
    How's the little fluffball getting on? They grow so quickly at this age, don't they? Bet he's got his paws firmly under the table now, eh?
    kitten xx
    Thanks Alice, yes I am having a lovely day.
    Hope Bix is settling in, he is absolutely adorable and what a poser :D
    Hi Alice, I am totally in love with Bix and was checking out Suki's pictures and cant believe how similar their markings are on their face, especially the coloured noses and the white around them.
    Hope Bix is settling in well and Suki is not too jealous.
    Take care xx
    Hi Alice, I'm in love with Bix, it's official! Gorgeous photo, so cuuuuute!
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I have done a thread for you about how to post piccies on here, you can have a good practice on it. xxxxxxxxx
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