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  • there all done. I did a fresh thread cause it deserves a new one with being so cute. I will send you a message later to tell you how to post sone piccies yourself. xxxxx
    Thanks for the email hun, he is one cute kittie.

    Would you like me to put it on the forum?

    I've just seen the thread with the little darling. Oh, my goodness, he is such a cutie, and his nose is similar to the lovely Suki's, just adorable. Gosh, you must be thrilled. Give him a big kiss and cuddle from his auntie Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    HI Alibeth

    Just had a look adorable so cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Enjoy him xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    I bet he is. Thank you for letting me keep the picture, although I will need updates on the little angel. xxxxxx
    Always happy to help hun, he is lovely and cute, how is suki taking the new arrival?

    Can I keep that piccie on my comp or do you want me to delete it?

    Hi Alice, Aww, how lovely. I look forward to seeing the new baby as soon as the technological doodahs decide to play nicely.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there,
    Oh, I'm a regular contributor to that site, I bring them news of his doings before they are widely known. Woof! So glad to hear that you like him, too. The majority of people seem to never have heard of him...astonishing!
    Do you know, I think that Amy is a better name than Milly, and I bet it will suit her wonderfully, the little darling. So excited for you!
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Alice, hope you post pictures of your new kitten soon...I can't wait to see Milly :).
    hi Alice,
    Oh, thanks so much for being so kind about my silly post, I appreciate it.
    Not long to go now before you have your new kitty with you - I bet you're getting more and more excited at the prospect.
    I'm okay, thanks, and hope that you are, too.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You could try rubbing milly with a bit of cloth and then let suki smell it, it may help with the transistion, if you do have problems when you introduce them, try putting abit of tuna juice on each of their heads and down their spine, the should start to lick each other.
    Hope this info helps.
    Hi Helen..I'm thinking of 'Milly' as her name and hoping that Suki gets on with her. He can get a bit aggressive ( typical male!) and she's sooo tiny. Counting the days....
    oh my a kitten how cute, any names yet for the little baby?
    And YES picures are essential for a new kitten and off course your lovely Suki, cannot leave that little darling out.
    You never know though, they might get along like balls of string.
    Hope your weekend is going well.
    Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Alice, Oh, how lovely, I adore black and white cats, and my forum name comes from my late, lamented black and white darling, Claude. I do hope that she settles in well with you and the lovely Suki, and I think Milly is a lovely name. Look forward to receiving the pics when you have some. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thats great news, she can be friends with my "Millie"
    Cant wait to see a picture :clapping:
    Thinking of 'Milly' as a name...what do you think? I also lost a cat to a car at night when she was only six, and I live on a quiet road. It was some years ago but I am still grieving. I keep her photo in my gold locket, which some people may think odd but she was everything to me.
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