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  • Hi Alice, how lovely!!! A new kitten! I'd love another one too, but I live next to a busy road and have lost one already to a car. One day when I can move to a quieter area I'll have more. I'm dying to see the photo's, what will she be called?
    Thanks Ellen...he was a real sweetie as a kitten, now he's nearly a year old and a big fluffy boy. I really must get some up to date photos. I'm getting a little friend for him in a few weeks time, a black & white kitten who has a cute smudge on her nose. Here's hoping they get on!
    I had three cats at one time's so sad when they leave you and I'm sure Todd is very precious to you.
    Best wishes & happy shopping
    Alice x x
    Hi Alibeth,
    just popped in to say what a cute wee kitten you have, I love cats and my home wouldnt be the same without one.
    I had 3 at one point but sadly only have 1 left, his name is Todd and he is my shadow.

    take care
    Ellen xx
    Hi Alibeth,

    thank you for accepting my friends request. Your pets are lovely and how exciting getting another kitten!!! Milly sounds like a lovely name, yes be sure to post some piccies would love to see her!!!

    Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Alibeth,

    I just wanted to say what a beautiful cat in your avatar so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful eyes he has bless! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ooh dear poor Suki hope he wasn't offended, he looked so sweet I assumed he was a girly puss! I bet he's a mummy's boy, my Whiskey is a soppy thing. Would love to see more piccies of him. Andie x ps thanks for friends request.
    Thanks Alice LOVE those pictures! Your cat is gorgeous. She reminds me of my mother's cat when she was a kitten. Andie x
    At least he had a long happy life Yolande. Losing the young ones is worst. Hope Suki lives to be a very old cat. At present he is bird hunting, he catches them, removes most of the feathers and then I find live, semi-naked birds cowering behind the chairs!
    Hi Alice, Oh, what a beautiful cat Fay was, and how heart-breaking that you lost him, it's so very sad. I've lost so many of my own dear pets over the years and know how very painful it is. They're always in our memories, though, aren't they? The dear little things. Hope you're okay. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxx
    Thanks Helen
    I live near Drusillas animal park in Sussex where the Meercats are the most popular residents. I go each year as a birthday treat, I also particularly like the marmosets & tamarins. As for those adverts I just love the scruffy little assistant who nearly has 'nervous meltdown' ( he already has worms!)
    Take care
    Alice x x x
    Thanks for the friendship invite and I will of course except. Thanks for the kittie messages too. I love Meerkats and have all the Meerkat Manor DVDs, I love the Simon King Meerkat special from years ago, cannot get enough of those Meerkats lol, I do love the adverts, they give me such a giggle.
    Helen xxxxxxxxx
    Ditto! Just adore kittys and cannot pass one without stopping to say hello and trying and make friends x x
    Hi Alibeth
    sorry to hear you lost such a lovely puss so young. That picture is of Maya Yazrose's black and white cat, she's lovely isn't she. Hope you can post some piccies. xx
    Got to tootle off for a while now, but it was lovely chatting with you and I hope to speak again soon.
    Take care and give that gorgeous puss a big cuddle from me.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxx
    They are sweet, but an awful lot of work, but I do love the dear things. Bunty is an elderly lady and just won't take to having other cats around, so I have to keep them all separated, what a palaver! xxxxxxx
    Bunty is part-persian and part something else, difficult to say quite what, judging by the size of her, German Shepherd lol, Cally and Isis are two ferals I've rescued and tamed, both very beautiful, especially Cally, who is black and sleek with the largest golden eyes I've ever seen in a puss. xxxxxxxx
    Hi Alice, In return for the big meow from Suki, have a huge chorus from Bunty, Isis, and Cally. Eeek, the racket!
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