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  • Thanks Yolanda.

    I still haven't a clue how these pages work!

    Just one of those days yesterday - we all get them. Long story!

    Thanks love

    Ali x
    Hi Ali, Just read on the poetry thread about your horrible day. I'm so sorry you were treated so aggressively by that person and hope you are feeling okay now. Chin up hon. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxx
    Hi Ali,
    Thanks so much for what you wrote on the brain tumour thread. The nurses who cared for mum at the cancer hospital were lovely and very compassionate. We were just (with a few exceptions) unlucky when it came to the hospice and the treatment and care experienced there.
    I'm sure from reading your posts that you are tremendously compassionate and empathic and I feel sure that anyone encountering you at such a difficult time would be blessed.
    I must emphasise that the really good medics and support staff we encountered will forever remain in my memory and that helps me cope with the negative stuff and the awful images.
    Thanks again for your kind and supportive words. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxx
    Hi Ali
    Thanks for the link to the perfume oil website, I've ordered a couple of oils and hoping to make up my own reed diffuser oil. When you put the oil in shop bought products how much scented oil do you put in please?
    Have you got the pics of you botox yet?! Hope you're looking lovely and young!
    Andie x
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