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  • I did my sweet, thank you. Oh flowerbomb is a copy of the Victor & Rolff Perfume, yes its nice xxx
    hi always, can't wait to get to the uk 12 more days, going to have a great birthday party for my dad and im his present, no i won't jump out of a cake, that would give us all a heart attack, lol should stop buying so i have some spending money to come with. Hope the weather is nice im going to do everything i can to bring some with me, so if you get sun you know who to thank. See yaxx
    Its not fair - I've been VIP for a while now & I'm not posh yet
    Let me know when u go all posh - oh actually thinking about it u [rpbably won't want anything to do with me now then

    well done on becoming a VIP. have fun down in the Drop where the mad folks lurk!

    hope your weekend has been pleasant.
    hi skint,
    if you go down into the Anything Goes in the 24/7 section of the forum, you will see a Rocks TV thread there.
    There has been some dissing of by RocksTV chat participants and also some forum members have been having a go about RocksTV chat. it resulted in Graham getting some nasty emails so he removed the RocksTV section from the forum. Hopefully this will only be temporary but it remains to be seen.
    awww you're very welcome. Listen, if you ever need a piccy posting just shout, any of us will post it for you if you email us it and we're good teachers too lol

    You need to join for a start, thats a hosting site and you upload your pic to there, then click (and it automatically copies) the link underneath your pic, the one starting with IMG, then you come onto the forum, start your thread and right click and paste, a line of writing appears then just click submit and your pic will appear.

    If you ever need help just shout, everyones really helpful.

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