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    Hotel Chocolat TSV 16/10/21

    Wonder if it’ll be the xmas one? 🤔
  2. amn

    Any of you searching geniuses….

    Ooh thanks so much everyone - yep thats the one. Id have gone for the dark graphite but its outnof stock in my size, only a couple of colours available now. Im either going to go for the black or cloud. (Or both… 🥴 )
  3. amn

    Any of you searching geniuses….

    … have any idea if the shirt Pippa’s wearing doing the TSV the lunchtime show is a QVC item? I really rather like it. Thanks in advance 😊
  4. amn

    Molton Brown Bargains

    I like all the flavours in these sets, but I’m trying to resist lnowing that there’s a TSV coming up, there’ll probably be two options and and I’ll probably get both (🥴). Coco and Sandalwood (check your website spelling QVC - its not ‘sandlewood’ … 🙄) is one of my absolute favourites and the duo...
  5. amn

    Le Creuset TSV 27/08/21

    Hmmmm. I’d quite like them but nit enough to pay that much.
  6. amn

    Le Creuset TSV 27/08/21

    Any clues on how much this’ll be yet? 🤔
  7. amn

    Most Useless Fashion Item

    I quite like it. ☺️
  8. amn

    Skinsense TSV 13/07/21

    *goes to to look up mendacious…: 😉
  9. amn

    Denim & Co TSV 5/8/21

    Totally agree. Yes they're comfy when you put them on but they don’t give me anywhere near enough support. I had a joint replacement of the 1st MTP joint 5 years ago so do I try and look after my feet, and Skechers just don’t do that IMO.
  10. amn

    Shay & Blue TSV 6/7/21

    Ooooh just found this little bargain. 😄 Also ordered…. 😉
  11. amn

    Shay & Blue TSV 6/7/21

    Id say its the most unisex of the four - which to me is a good thing, but if you don't like slightly masculine scents it’s probably not for you. I’d say its not really a daytime fragrance. Very different to anything else i’ve got, and it’s different to what i was expecting from the description...
  12. amn

    Shay & Blue TSV 6/7/21

    Let me know what you think. 👍🏽
  13. amn

    Shay & Blue TSV 6/7/21

    My TSV arrived today and I ❤️ it. !! All the fragrances are lovely. The Oud Alif was the one i was most looking forward to but i like them all - i think the Amber Rose is probably my favourite.
  14. amn

    Liz earle instant boost skin tonic

    Just seen this offer on the LE website, doesn't look bad:
  15. amn

    Shay & Blue TSV 6/7/21

    I got this one off Q and thought it wasn't bad value.

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