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  • Hi Aragorn, just checking in to see if everything is ok with you as I have not seen you about for a while.
    I was going to see it but I thought I would wait till it comes out on DVD. I was gonna see it with a friend but it was on late at night and finished near to 12am............waaaaaay past my bedtime lol.

    So where the men sexy to warrant a DVD purchase?

    How are you anyway?

    oooooooooooo long haired yummie men special for me.
    Thanks for the info.

    Will you be seeing/drooling over them?
    **Hoppy Easter Aragorn**
    Hop you are having a lovely Easter with your family..
    Am off to have a munch on some Toblerone & a Thornton's Egg, lol xxx

    ^..^ ^..^
    oh dear NOT good news then, I'll have Faramir and you can have boromir then we can change at half time. I doubt it would bother you though, him being smelly, or would it?

    I am having a good weekend, didn't do anything for my birthday, so it is just quiet. Mind you I have had quite enough excitement these past few months and I don't need any more.

    Hope you have a great week



    Hellooo :mysmilie_348: & Happy New Year.. I am like you and much prefer Christmas to New Year.. Really, I should be like your Gandalf, hibernate & not wake up til Nov/Dec, lol.. Its been a quiet night here, except for fireworks.. So you've had more snow, I did see about more snow in parts of Scotland on the news, no wonder your chickens are a bit depressed.. Nice to know that Frodo has a playpen, at least you can keep an eye on him for a while.. My little madam Poppet was running and squeaking down the hall earlier, lol..
    Im going to bed soon.. Hope 2010 is a great year for you & brings lots of luck & lovely things for you & your family.. Best wishes, Debra xxx
    Hellooo Ringo (lol).. Have been just like you, eaten too much, not moved much, lol.. At least you've been good and managed some pilates...well done you :)
    Had my sister, her partner and 2 nephews (19 & 22), brother & my Mum (+ 2 piggies & a budgie), so a full house.. Was a really good day.. I got some more L'Occitane (gift box of Cherry Blossom shower stuff, lotion (250mls each) and a 30ml hand cream - this was a whoo hoo moment, lol).. Dvds, different boxes of chocs, money, ds game, other bits and pieces.. Did you get some nice things? Hope your son had a great day :)
    I did pay for the over indulgence on Boxing Day.. I see you've been on the wine? Haha.. Im not a big drinker, but had some with my dinner (might I add, the hugest bloody dinner ever!)
    Take lots of care..
    Love Debra xx :mysmilie_1766:
    i'ts a pleasure i hope you're having a great day. The studying goes through phases i've just handed in a major essay so i'm on a break until Jan. Enjoy the rest of your birthday and have a very merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year. xxxxxx
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