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  • Hi Maggie, how are you these days? I just wanted to say you were in a dream I had last night. We both met up with the Britain's Next Top Model girls in Leicester for toad-in-the-hole...
    Thanks for the heads up Maggie, saw that OMF had posted on the forum. I've now read her message below.
    Hey Lurgey, thanks for your message. Wasn't keeping too good for a wee while then the consultant tried to get rid of me by prescribing Methotrexate! Had horrendous side effects which totally floored me but up and about now. He's prescribed Leflunomide now but first sign of any side effects and they're going in the bin! Hope you're keeping ok xxx
    Excellent, many thanks Maggie, fingers crossed you'll get a reply soon.
    Hi again Maggie, er.....have you any particular type of prod in mind? :happy:

    P xxxxx
    Hi Maggie, just wondering, have you heard anything from Anne (Klosblue) recently? She's been very very quiet of late and I've been wondering how she is. I wonder if she'd respond to a 'shout out' on the forum?

    Hope you are okay and have you had any nice deliveries recently that you'd like to tell us about? Lol

    Love and best wishes

    Pamela xxxx
    "Where are you my little piece of Scottish tablet? Miss yers. xxxxxxx"

    I'm here, Maggie.... not been on site for yonks...... hope you are okay? I'm fine, just busy and a bit motheaten ( bad knee, hips falling apart, but nothing to speak of in your sphere of bovver!)

    I got cheesed off with the mumpin' and grumoin' that was going on a while ago and so lost the habit of logging in. Back now to see igf things are any better..... but mostly to see if chums like you are doing okay?

    Hope you are fighting the good fight, or indeed any fight, with your usual gusto..... much love,
    Hello Argey, I've been wondering where you are too. Hope things are ok at the mo
    Sharon xx
    Hope it all goes well Mags. Fingers crossed XXXXXXX Btw...I think that bit of sunshine was our summer.. pah!
    Hi Mags! Sorry I've not been around for a while but just wanted to pop by and say hello...and hugs. XXX
    Hi Maggie, yes we are getting married to each other lol...never done it before and im quite nervous about it all lol.

    How have you been keeping?

    Thought you may have! :mysmilie_61:Those clearance bargains are tooooo good to miss. Look forward to seeing your new goodies....
    when you feel up to it.xxxxx
    HI Maggie and thanks for your message earlier. Sorry to hear you've been poorly, I did wonder if that was why we were missing your good humoured and entertaining posts. Hope the second opinion brings better news for you and that you continue to improve. Had any nice goodies
    Take Care
    Pamela xxxx
    Hi Maggie, just dropping by to say hello. Have noticed that you've been a bit quiet lately, hope you're okay.
    Take care
    Pamela xxx
    Hi Maggie,
    Just to say thanks and I was very moved by the poem.
    You're an inspiration to me, and I hope you continue to be that for others for the next 1000 years.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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