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    Arge my best lackey! Wishing you and the family a very very happy Christmas and New Year.

    Lots of love, Meesh xxx

    Hey Argey, it has been mentioned in dispatches that you haven't been around for a few days. Iclaudipuss sends her love (PC trouble again...) and you can have some of mine too. Hope you're in fine fettle, Petal...
    Got my fingers crossed for ya Mags. Lets hope it's all good stuff eh?
    I'm fed-up with this wind - and it's not the sort you're thinking of either lol!
    My DD's not going to her mountain now cos the hotel got flooded with sewage. She packed her job in to go so she's not a happy bunny. Better get a bigger turkey....
    Hi Mags! Thought I'd make the most of the site being up to send you a big sloppy kiss.
    Heyup my little soggy pal, better pin yer wig down tonight! I'm good ta, consultant has requested another scan for some reason (30th). I'm trying not to be too hopeful that this could mean he's thinking again. xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Mags! Still bluddy storm-force 1000000 down here and apparently it's gonna get worse tonight. How can it get worse? Bahh!
    How are you right now? xxxxxxx
    Lol! Cheers Argey. Don't worry about me - I hibernate and stay permanently miserable til about May. At least our flood defences withstood the weather this time. Ooops .... shouldn't have said that... :)) Hope you're ok in the leg department, mags Got my fingers crossed for you xxx
    This sums up life in many ways, eh what?

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