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  • Hi Aries. just popping by in case you do the same. I'm afraid Yolanda has left the forum. I know she would like to keep in touch with you so if you want her email addy, just ask me and I'll send it to you. Hope you're ok.
    Oy you!
    Don't think that I've forgotten you, cos I haven't. I've just been a bit punctured of late...
    I hope that you are managing at the moment, and I wish you'd come back and tootle about on here again. If I can, you can, see?

    thought you might like this wee toots:

    Hey Aries - I haven't been around for such a long time on the forum (so long in fact I can't even remember what to do now, how things work!). I've seen your Christmas greeting - thank you!

    I hope you are okay and life is treating you kindly.

    Hopefully I shall manage to get the hang of this place again and return very soon.

    Sara x
    So do I, I look a total div with me tongue poking about me gob all the time.

    Okay then, you go and get your bin sorted. Good to see you around and hope to chat with you soon.
    Stay warm.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    That's so funny you saying that because I constantly mess with it with my tongue even though it cuts my tongue to do so. I do it absolutely all the time, I look a right gawp to anyone who doesn't realise what I'm doing. Why are we so doolally?
    What a palaver, and you were settled into your Thursday night routine, weren't you?

    'ere, I had some dental work today to repair the last lot they did which fell out, but the bloody b*gger's left it so the tooth is all sharp and jagged and the bit of cement he put in to hold the gold leaf bit has dropped out already. Gawd, does anyone do a good job these days?!
    Blimey, what's your poor sister done to deserve that? Me, I mean, not you, after all, she's used to your barminess...
    Yes, I think so. It all depends on the weather, really, if the snow eases and the M6 is do-able then Thing will want me to go to his Dad's, otherwise I'll be staying here with nowt in the fridge or cupboard. Yikes! I might need to fight the badgers and the foxes round your gaff for some scran...
    Certainly not, then you'll only slink off again and that simply won't do. If I can keep up with all my meds and that then you can too, so think on! Perhaps if you didn't keep popping off to check on the latest nudie pics on American Apparel you'd be able to cope. Remember when you tried to teach me how to post pics by linking to them? xxxxxx
    Well, to be fair, flower, it doesn't take much, does it?
    Take no notice of her and her chanterelles, she's just too squeamish to understand the value of true organic produce.
    Oh Goodness, I can't believe she mentioned the mushrooms... I can't even hear the word 'chanterelle' without breaking into a cold sweat....
    Aries, how lovely to hear from you, I was hoping Puss being around may tempt you back! Thanks for the message, hope you're ok and enjoying the weather!

    You dingbat!
    I see you're still eating as healthily as me...I should tell you, though, that I'm now growing mushrooms. In me navel. You like organic food, don't you? Perhaps I'll send you some...
    Hiya, what a lovely surprise to hear from you. How are you these days?

    Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes, really hope you manage a good one too and that 2011 will be a very happy and healthy New Year for you.

    Chris xx
    I knew you'd write to yourself, some things never change...

    Aww, that's good that you're feeding the badgers and foxes, poor things struggle so in this weather. I must admit I'm worried about the local wildlife as it's frozen solid on the ground here.
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