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  • Hi Artemis
    Thank you for your message and for raising two very good points.
    I shall highlight the P&P and look at adding international postage charges.

    How is the weather over there?

    All the best

    Hello Artemis
    Whilst I appreciate and understand your comment I have removed your posting from the outlet as the content was to aggressive.
    I should have removed Jpuddleducks comments prior to now for which I am sorry.
    Thank you so much I have been looking on the internet at the prices and the ones that have a good price don't take my card, localy it is £385 with no cook book .
    Hi Artemis, I have just had a disaster with my food mixer (water and vegetable oil all over my new kitchen) and I have decided enough is enough I want a new mixer. I wondered if you would mind me asking about your lovely Red Kitchen Aid. What can you make with it and does it have other attachments? regards Bobbie
    Happy belated birthday Heather...but I'm sure you're kidding us and those numbers are the wrong way round..36 not 63! Anyway, you look great and I hope you had a wonderful day.
    Carol xx
    You are truly inspirational, Heather. Persist and you will achieve everything you set out to do. xxxxxx
    Thank you for your message, Heather. The force of impact took me by surprise. At least, we managed to buy some food. It is not possible to get anywhere, today. Hope all is well with you. Love, Eve xxx
    Hi Artemis, i just have to tell you you're posts in the JR book thread are hilarious,i've been laughing out loud! I hope you all have a very happy and healthy new year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Artemis, I've just read your post about your daughter. You must be so proud of her. She sounds rather like our Puss who wrote plays when she was young. I'm really sorry to hear that you lost her so soon, I'm thinking of you with a tear in my eye as I look at my own 8 year old daughter. Oh heck, this was supposed to be a supportive message...

    aah,you always word things so beautifully. I'm going to wear the dress tomorrow. i've already had a lot of wear out of it.
    I hope the situation with your friends gets resolved before tomorrow and that you have a lovely xmas. xxx
    Thanks for your lovely message. The good news is that my back's mobile enough for me to get Christmas 'done' to speak lol! I'm only gonna get a 2lb turkey though - not putting my back out again hehe! :))
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