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    National Television Awards

    Peter Simon is renowned for his lies, but his latest is quite something. He is claiming on air that Ideal World/Him/the Presenters have been short-listed for a National Television Award... I'm used to him describing everyone as 'award winning' or saying that the presenters are 'always in the...
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    How is Howard employed?!

    I don't think I've ever seen a more smug and talentless presenter (even in the world of shopping television...) I just switched over briefly during a commercial on another channel to hear one of the most bizarre 4 minutes of television ever. He was ranting about how you could impress neighbours...
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    Ideal World completes transformation into Bid TV

    So I think it's fair to say that Bid has now been fully resurrected as Ideal World... Right now Peter Simon is with Chris Birkett selling a low cost no-branded vacuum cleaner. High cost p&p. Peter Simon is making jokes about its 'big tubes' and his massive suction - cue side ways looks to the...
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    Lodge Farm Kitchen - Ridiculously Expensive

    I can't believe the prices on the screen at the moment. 4 small ready meals for £35!? That's a ridiculous price. It works out at £8.75 for a ready meal...
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    Overweight Presenters

    Does anyone find it slightly odd that Ideal World has so many overweight presenters? It seems by far that more presenters and guests are overweight then compared to any other shopping channel. The only reason I bring this up is because of the number of health and fitness products they sell. In...
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    Marina Berry reflects on Bid Tv

    From Marina's Facebook: "Most of you will have now heard about Bid TV and Price Drop TV closing down. Thanks for all your messages - it's all very sad as both channels have been a very big part of my life. I first started working there when I was 21 back in 2006. I remember applying to Bid TV...
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    Thoughts/Opinions on Bid rebrand

    So Bid have announced a pretty major rebrand: As well ditching the £1.53 phone call, they are introducing variable P&P. It seems that Bid is becoming a traditional shopping channel - each item will have an individual number, to buy you call the same number (charged at 20p a minute) and quote...
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    Debbie Greenwood has left the building...

    On Twitter: "Thank you very much to the lovely peeps at bid tv. It's been a real place for the last couple of months. That was my last shift" Pushed or her choice? Either way...A wise move. She never really suited the channel, and in my view can do a lot better than Bid...
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    Guy Kean is rapidly becoming my favourite presenter

    He really is quite unique isn't he? I've never seen someone with such open discontent for what he's selling and the viewers. At times he's just downright agressive - his basic tone is "Hurry up and buy this tat so that I can go home". It really is great :D He just seems to care so little - he...
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    In praise of Steve McDonald

    He really is a very entertaining presenter. He's always a good laugh, charismatic and has a good on screen chemistry with Yolisa. I think he's the only presenter I can actually watch on Price Drop. I also think he does well considering the sheer amount of tat he has to sell on Price Drop (last...
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    Who are the presenters on Bid and Price right now?

    They're both awful. Good grief, has everyone gone on their summer holidays!?
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    Selling Vivitar cameras without memory cards

    I've seen them sell these many many times. Andy just mentioned that when you get it you'll need to add your own memory card? It doesn't come with one included. This is the first time I've heard this mentioned. Does this mean that when they sell these by default you need to add your own card...
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    Poundland Products...

    We often joke that the channel sells the types of products you'd see in Poundland. I though i'd Google the Expose Self Tanning they're selling at the moment... To quote Peter "These are A LOT of money usually". Honestly, this...
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    Lectures from Mike

    Is this guy actually a parody? He's flogging one of their cheap suits and I'm actually considering if this is all one elaborate comedy sketch. He was just yelling "IF YOU GO FOR AN INTERVIEW, WEAR A SUIT. LOOK SMART LIKE ME. I LIKE TO LOOK GOOD. MAKE AN IMPRESSION. DO NOT TURN UP LATE." He...
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    Peter Simon's 'Retractions'

    I've now heard Peter have to retract several of his statements on Bid, presumably the producer is now telling him that he's getting it wrong and to correct himself (that and ASA are currently on their heels). He seems to get a bit stressy about having to retract them, but at least he's doing...

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