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    Is Michael De Cesare back with QVC?

    This has probably been posted in the past but I happened to see Michael doing an advert for his products so is he coming back lock stock and barrel so to speak. If he is I for one will be delighted. :talking:
  2. Babs

    Blueberry TV has gone?

    All this Channel is now showing is Best Direct so I can assume that this is another Channel gone to Shopping Telly Heaven.
  3. Babs

    Did anyone else notice Dawn Bibby last night?

    Normally I am not particulary observant with many people but I noticed Dawn last night. She had a beautiful tan on her and she looked really well but I also noticed there were no wedding and engagement rings on her finger and for that matter no white marks were they should have been. I also...
  4. Babs

    Higher Prices and not selling entire stock

    I don't wish to be a doom monger but I have watched a few times over the past week and noticed that Gems aren't able to clear their stock lines on the Auctions despite a lot of persuasion from the presenters. I watched a girl selling a Canary Diamond Solitaire Ring that she kept saying "this is...
  5. Babs

    Do IW Realise we are all pulling our belts in this year!

    What is it with IW prices on a lot of their items these days. I cannot believe some of the items priced at £1000.00 and more and even run of the mill items at £500.00. I have found times hard over the last few years let alone the past year so I am astounded. To be fair it's not just IW as QVC...
  6. Babs

    Channel No Loger on Sky EPG

    This Channel has now disappeared from the Sky EPG, so it looks as though it has gone the way of other Channels. :flower:
  7. Babs

    Porn on Shop on TV Sky EPG 659

    I was flabbergasted to find Porn on this Shopping Channel at Midnight on Saturday Night, I actually cringed to find a topless girl in a very suggestive pose. Who the heck would put this on in the Shopping Channels section. I know this has happened before but it's not nice to see when you are...
  8. Babs

    Halogen Oven. Has anyone gone for it!

    I just wanted to know if anyone has gone for the Halogen Oven with the hinged top. It's sold out now but I am seriously thinking about this. Thane have one priced at about £74.00 but then you have to buy all the extra's seperately, whereas with IW it all comes complete. I would be interested in...
  9. Babs

    Ammolite Watch and Jewellery with Ken POD

    Has anyone gone for this Ammolite Watch, I liked when the late great Steve Whately presented it with Ken way back when, so I just wondered if anyone has gone for this. :60:
  10. Babs

    Guess who's back on our screens?

    I was watching a bit of BHTV only to find that they went to infomercials. Guess who was on yes Mr. David Ades, I was gobsmacked. there is even a website to go with this no wet wonder foam. Glen Tompsett was on with him as well. :46:
  11. Babs

    Yankee Candle TSV The Last one.

    May I say I bought the last TSV of Yankee Candles and I am absolutely delighted with it!!. I love Novelty Tart Burners anyway so I was a Piggy in heaven so to speak. I couldn't find my Customer Number so rang CS and had a very helpful Lady who sorted me out, I must say I am impressed by the...
  12. Babs

    Are We going to see lots of new items now on IW?

    I am hoping above hope that we see more new items on IW. I am fed up with the 4 day deals and the blockbusters that they keep coming up with. It's about time that they got rid of the fashion shows and bought in new styles that don't cling to every lump and bump on our persons. I really do...
  13. Babs

    Are IW Cancelling Christmas again this year?

    I wonder if IW have completely finished with Christmas as all I seem to find are Craft Days, Oh Joy! and other things that have a repeat every day almost now. It's a shame that they have gone this way but if they had better everything they would be doing OK.
  14. Babs

    Christmas Shopping

    May I say how I have enjoyed watching all the Christmas goodies on the Sit Up Channels. They have had some really lovely things. :53:

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