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    Nails Inc 'Statement' AD

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone who ordered this back in September had had any activity on their account with regards to this? I'd phoned customer service last week and was told it was due on the 18th. Nothing showing at all on my account yet and I was really hoping to have it by Monday...
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    Nails Inc new goodies

    Just in case anyone is after the new gel effect top coat and flawless base coat, Q have the two for £18 with NO p&p. They are £12 each plus postage direct from Nails Inc...
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    Exciting parcel from the Q!

    Imagine my excitement at receiving my new OPI delivery from the Q and opening the box to find an OPI booklet and..... TISSUE PAPER! No polishes in there, I have checked the box several times. :tongue: Contacted CS who will send a packet for me to send the box back so they can carry out a "full...
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    BareMinerals auto delivery

    I was wondering if anyone knew when all the remaining drops were due? I deleted the recording before I wrote it down. D'oh I think there's one due in Feb but that's it. Thank you :)

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