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    Beauty Gifts with Tili TSV 01/12/20

    Really?? Could this be any more boring!
  2. backstreetgirl

    Jill Franks

    I like Jill too, I think she is probably a very loyal & thoughtful friend.
  3. backstreetgirl

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Thank you, any idea how much plse supercoolwillow?
  4. backstreetgirl

    Sniffer's back.

    I've posted about this before but Craig, please, if you read posts on here, believe me when I say you really need to stop sniffing just as you speak, it's the most annoying habit. I wouldn't mind so much if he just sniffed generally but he sniffs/snorts as he talks as well as sniffing in between...
  5. backstreetgirl

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Thank you 😊 Love Age Benefit, hopefully it'll include eye cream.
  6. backstreetgirl

    Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

    Does anyone know yet what this is going to be? Or whether we'll be able to order earlier?
  7. backstreetgirl

    Julia Roberts

    And does Chloe only have one pair of trousers/jeans, a faded black pair?
  8. backstreetgirl

    Ann Dawson is back

    That is one of my bugbears! And it's not only the younger generation. There's a doctor who regularly appeared on This Morning and EVERY single answer she gave started with 'So.' I can't think of her name but she was on just a couple of months ago - not Zoe or Sara - and although she wasn't old...
  9. backstreetgirl

    Ann Dawson is back

    And "you know" constantly when she's describing things, she's my least favourite presenter.
  10. backstreetgirl

    oooo errrrr

    I'm with you on that Twilight, I don't like Alex Kramer either, nothing to do with her presenting skills although she does seem to shout, but I too think she would probably be the girl to avoid at school unless you were in her gang. As for Andi Peters, he's always made my skin crawl.
  11. backstreetgirl

    Can someone plse tell Craig.....

    Craig's sniffing non stop in between words again on M Dabb show, it's all I hear & is getting on my nerves! Please stop!
  12. backstreetgirl

    Elemis TSV 20/09/20

    I had the Elemis TSV a few months ago & was so underwhelmed that it went back within a few days. The frangipani fragrance smelt like something from a pound shop too.
  13. backstreetgirl


    Jackie Kabler looks like she's got a stomach or a paunch, I keep wondering if she's pregnant, does anyone know?
  14. backstreetgirl

    Molton Brown Bargain

    When I looked up Suma Ginseng to see what it smelt like, it said it had been discontinued so it looks like miss molly was correct and that it's old stock! This was back in 2018 too so surely the stock QVC have of that particular one had already been 2 years on the shelf. Because of this I won't...
  15. backstreetgirl

    Can someone plse tell Craig.....

    ..... to stop sniffing or is it breathing in deeply. He says a word then sniffs or breathes noisily. I only noticed this recently and now I can't un-notice it and it's all I hear, it's like an annoying habit he's got.

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