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  • Wishing you a Happy & peaceful Christmas. All the best for the coming year Kitty..
    Love Alice & Birdy x
    Glad to hear that your weight has remained stable & hope you have results with the hot choc. Off to hospital to have a nasty tooth taken out tomorrow which will be a relief as it's been a pain for months. Due to be called up for the dreaded benefit medical in a couple of months and worrying myself sick already as it'll be the new harsh test. Birdy is just fine if a bit bald! Love Alice x
    Hi Kitty
    I was just wondering how you were? Hope you have managed to gain a little weight and feel calmer. Enjoy all your posts as usual. Love from Alice and a recently spayed Birdy ( poor little thing has a large shaved patch on her side and a scar) x x
    I hope you're feeling a little better since your post in the drop. I keep thinking about you especially today when QVC is all about and no I'm not watching either. Even though I manage my eating disorder ok these days I still hate cookery programmes and there are so bloody many of them these days. Just the thought of the presenters chewing and rolling their eyes is enough to make me feel sick.
    Wishing you a good week
    Alice x
    Cheers ever so much my lovely! I have missed you too . Everey time dinnerladies is on you pop into my head!

    I should be around a bit more now honeybun, everything seems to have calmed down. :D
    Thank you, does it give good coverage? What do you use now and is it any better?
    Its ok I am not the Spanish Inquisition.........honest. I am wanting it for dark circles so it needs to give good coverage. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I was just wondering, am I right in saying that you use the Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer? I was wondering, if you do use it, if there is a special way to apply it?
    Helen xxxxxx
    Thanks for your post about Ross, I don't like all of the Charlie Bears so it's good to have a good report.
    Hiya :) Don't mind you asking at all, flower. Sadly no - I wish I had the wonderfully exotic name Sharon, but I'm plain old Kathryn.

    Why dya ask?
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