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    Interesting selling point from Anne Dawson

    Just watching the SBC show with Anne while I'm finishing work for the day. They were presenting the 3 in 1 Cleanser, which has gone onto Advanced Orders now. Anne's just said "if you missed out on it, don't worry we've got Advanced Orders. If you've managed without this product in your life so...
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    Zandra Rhodes - Fabulous

    Zandra Rhodes is on Q now with her range of designer handbags. First time in a while I've looked at a range of bags and felt I liked everything. There are one or two art deco-y bits and she looks fabulous as ever with her pink bob. I can't afford much of it, but I can dream! A bit off the wall...
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    Debbie Greenwood - Quiz Hostess With The Mostest!

    I remember a while gone by in the mists of time (my 80s childhood) that Debbie Greenwood hosted a BBC Daytime quiz show called "First Class". I used to love it as it sated my geeky tendencies. I also remembered it had a theme tune by Mike Oldfield (think it was taken from his album "Platinum")...
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    Pants on Firealash!

    Just watching the Everyday Beauty hour while on a break from work. Natalia is on, and she is demonstrating how to use Revitalash. She quite clearly stated she wasn't wearing any mascara before the demo. The camera has just panned in to her applying it close up, yet she most definitely WAS...
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    QVC stuff on Latest In Beauty

    Have a look at they have one or two offers on at the moment and a few QVC products that you can pick up that bit cheaper. For instance a sample 7.5ml size of Perricone No Foundation for £4, Nails Inc Porchester Square for £6 etc...there's also Richard Ward stuff...
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    Trinny has bought some weight lifting materials

    Heartily sick of seeing this ad now. I think Trinny and Susanna are both lying through their teeth about being QVC shoppers. Trinny has allegedly bought some weight lifting materials, she demonstrates this by not being totally sure what to say and flexing her arms unconvincingly. Whatever she...
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    Beulah - QVC Model

    If I've missed this then apologies, but I just noticed on Catherine Huntley's twitter feed that she mentioned QVC model Beulah is battling cancer. She mentioned a Facebook group called Beulah's Support Group which has been set up. Not sure of the exact details, I think it's a place for sufferers...
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    Here we go folks...

    Jill Franks (hereafter known as Jill.I.Am) is on with Decleor. She's just been extolling the virtues of the Life Radiance moisturiser. Apparently it is her skin saviour and she cannot live without it. Like everything else. She then went on, in the next breath, to say that it wasn't rich enough...
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    Put the Ipad down Julia!

    Tried to get a screen shot of the tweet and post it. Hope it worked! Kind of ironic the woman tweeted to tell her to stop iPaddying. But Julia handled it well. It just shows you though, people are noticing how much time is being wasted on this kind of thing.
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    More Beauty Lies!

    Art thou sitting comfortably? Then let us begin. :bow: I settled down with a cup of tea and a book last night with QVC on in the background. It was the 9pm SBC hour. I heard Alison raving about one of the face cleansers from the range and she said "this is a cleanser that is so different to...
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    The Mystery of Charlie and...

    The eye make up remover... Did anyone see this the other day? I meant to post about it, but forgot until now:blush: Ali Y was on with her beauty fix hour on Thursday and said that she'd been talking to Charlie in his dressing room and found a bottle of eye make up remover. She then added...
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    Philip Montello - More New Fashion Anyone? A mere snip at £87... New fashion range premiering this afternoon... :grin:
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    Collapsing Drum Kits Batman... They demo'd this at the start of the Morning Show. Imagine my delight when the guest demonstrator started playing it and it fell to bits live on air :clapping:. I never usually catch bloopers, but this...
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    OK. So. I was having my afternoon cuppa and switched QVC on for some background noise. Now I know we've had a few discussions about Perricone in the past, but this afternoon I was genuinely mortified at what was coming out of Jill Frank's mouth, not to mention how complicated the routines are...
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    Charlie putting his foot in it...:D

    Just caught the end of the Cydney Mar hour with Mogadon Man and Catherine. They segued from fashion on to discussing the differences between "houndstooth" and "dogstooth" in regard to fabric. Then Charlie says "Talking of dogs, I made Alison Young's day today..." Then he carries on with a tale...

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